Should i report this ebay seller?

I do not have much experience with ebay, but i bought this item in dec 6, but because paypal payment through echeck took time, i received the notification that the seller got his money on dec 16.

I'm buying the item from united states, and i live in canada. The problem here is that there should have been plenty of time for the item to be shipped to my address since dec, 16, but it have yet to arrive. In fact, the tracking number doesn't work. He gave me a tracking number but in the united states postal service site, it says that no item exists!

When i contact the seller, he tells me "We have sent the package on time" "we do not know the flight schedule" and "please wait a bit more and you will receive your item smoothly"

I don't know if this should be a reportable case. I do not know what more to do. What if my buyer's protection expires while I'm waiting?

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  • 6 years ago
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    dec 6th?! you have to report NOW.

    the limit is 45 days from the day of the auction, so if you let this go on too long you will loose the chance to report.

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  • 6 years ago

    The U.S. postal service delivery tracking only works inside the U.S. for economy post. What does it say in his listing about shipping time? He sounds like a foreigner to me. The U.S. postal service is very good. Perhaps the item is held up at Customs.

    You have no reason to give seller negative feedback yet. The seller has done nothing wrong at this point. Open a claim for Item Not Received and let Ebay handle it. You have to do this within 45 days.

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  • 6 years ago

    The package was shipped. That means the seller took it to the post office and gave it to the postal clerk. After that, the seller can do nothing and isn't responsible for the speed. In the intervening time has been two holidays and bad weather. There is nothing to report. The seller is responsive and should not be given a bad rating once you do get your item. Person to person mailing via the post office from one country to another takes time. It wasn't sent at the most expensive rate. You can read all the particulars about shipping and making claims. In the meantime, once you have noted the date, carry on. Soon, you will be pleasantly surprised with your package.

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  • 6 years ago

    In my past experiences, when shipping from United States to Canada it takes a considerably long time. I have heard reports of it taking up to 2 or 3 weeks to receive a package. Why, it takes this long...I'm not completely sure, but it does!

    Also, the tracking number will no longer be traceable once the package leaves the United States. Or, so I've been told.

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  • VTer
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    6 years ago

    don't worry, the buyer protection will not expire. Are you sure it was a USPS tracking number, and not a UPS tracking number? There is a big difference.

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