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How would anyone think trading Blake Griffin for Carmelo Anthony is a good swap?

Both are total different players..Anthony is better scorer..they might be same as far as court is an oversized slasher..the Knicks already have Amare and Kenyon..they'd lose a SF and gain virtually nothing in return..the only way the trade would work is if..the Knicks add Kenyon Martin in the deal..and Clippers add Jared Dudley..but I still don't know if this would make the Knicks better..and the Clippers would get a lot older..they'd have two past their prime PFs in Jamison and Martin..Knicks would have to put Amare as Center..but when Chandler comes back he'd have to come off the bench..which might be best..but I don't know if Amare wants that type of role..not to mention..CP3 is the reason Blake is a Human Highlight Reel..i like Raymond Felton a bit..but he just never took his game to that next to New would be harder for Blake Griffin to be as dominant..he might even get exposed without CP3 to dish the ball to him.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The problem with this trade for the Clippers is their 2 best players would be 28. Chris Paul and Carmelo still have many years left but they are at the point in their careers where if they are going to start winning titles, it should be soon. The Knicks could build around Blake Griffin with Shumpert. Trade Jr Smith and Felton for a solid PG like maybe Kyle lowry, since they don't have a draft pick in this year's draft, they would probably need to sign a SF in free agency too. Chandler, Amare and Bargnani's contract comes off after next year so that is good because it clears cap room for them to make a splash in 2015. So the Knicks would potentially just have to wait a year before they could start to build around Blake.

  • Amare Stoudimire

    8 ppg

    3.9 rebounds

    21 million yearly salary

    Kenyon Martin

    3.4 ppg

    4 rebounds

    800,000 yearly salary

    Blake Griffin

    22.1 ppg

    10.6 rebounds

    16,400,000 yearly salary

    really you think your better off with Amare and Kenyon do you realise Carmelo is shooting 44 percent from the field and is averaging 2.8 assist a game are you also aware blake griffin is averaging 3.1 assist and is shooting 52 percent.

    do you know how much extra money the knicks could have with Griffin and are you aware that Carmelo is like a cheap whore his game looks good from a distants but get close and actually watch and you find his selfishness makes you sick

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