Why are drugs illegal, but alchohol isnt?

Research has shown that if alchohol was considered a drug, it would be one of the most addicting and is way more harmful than things like marijuana. But people make a big deal when you use drugs. I dont ddink alchohol or use drugs, not even interwsted, but i dont understand why if someone says "I got so drunk last night!" its accepted by society, but if someone was like "yo i sniffed so much coke!" all of a sudden its frowned upon?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Some drugs are illegal.

    Prohibition failed and when it ended we had a HUGE government organization with nothing to do.

    Can't have that in the land of the free, now can we?

    To guarantee job security the government, promptly after prohibition ended, made marijuana illegal.

    The sheeple not particularly familiar with marijuana ate this B.S. up.

    The prison, legal, and law enforcement systems have been having a very profitable time, indeed.

    Thankfully people are beginning to pull their heads out of their @sses.

    The internet has enabled people to make up their own minds on various subjects instead of having a talking head on the TV feed them a corrupted view.

  • Almost everyone drinks, so making it illegal will not be possible due to the majority's opinion.

    But not everyone does meth or cocaine. Both are harmful, but you can only outlaw drugs because there's not much opposition.

    Do you think addicts will oppose a law making meth illegal? No, because they don't care. They would still do meth legal or illegal. Hell, people under the age of drinking still drink, so what would be the difference if you replace "drink" with "cocaine"?

  • 6 years ago

    Drugs are not illegal! Certain drugs are. Most drugs are indeed beneficial for you. However, an overdoes of a particular drug will indeed kill you. Always read the labels!

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    6 years ago

    why is pornography legal but prostitution illegal? both consist of sex for money, but pornography is even documented... alcohol is a drug and so is caffeine and a lot of other prescription drugs that are completely legal, but a lot of people call "drugs" just the illegal ones... i don't know why but i don't give a darn to be honest... and no i don't use any kind of drugs (except for caffeine), i don't know why hinder our senses...

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    USA tried to make alcohol illegal but it didn't work. Too many Irish drunks were finding a way to get booze.

  • 6 years ago

    The government couldn't take both of those things away or the country would fall apart.

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    All drugs are bad.

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