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Some Good Delicious Recipes?!?

I love to bake but don't know many recipes

if you could tell me your best gsweet recipes that would be great

Such as brownies or cookies, or ice cream...

Please let me know

thanks :)

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    Makes approx. 500ml to 750ml


    300ml carton of double cream

    400g tin of condensed milk


    Put the cream into a bowl. Whisk until it resembles clotted cream.

    Gently stir in the condensed milk.

    Gently stir in any flavouring (see below).

    Put the contents into a shallow dish.

    Put the dish in the freezer.

    Every hour or so, move the frozen bits at the edge of the dish into the middle. After 4 hours, it should all be frozen.


    Pour some chocolate sauce on top.

    Coconut ice cream. Substitute a 400ml tin of coconut milk for the double cream. Mix it thoroughly with the condensed milk.

    Malteser ice cream. Put a small bag of Maltesers in the freezer until they are frozen and brittle. Make a small hole in the bag. With a rolling pin or any other blunt object, hit the bag until the Maltesers are completely broken up. Stir in the Malteser bits before freezing or scatter them over the top after serving.

    Peanut ice cream. Add half a jar of crunchy peanut butter.

    Raspberry ripple ice cream. Liquidise and add 350g of raspberries. Stir them just before the ice cream is completely frozen.

    “Snickers” ice cream. Add half a jar of crunchy peanut butter and a tablespoon of caramel or toffee ice cream sauce. Top with chocolate sauce.

    Strawberry ice cream. Liquidise and add 450g of strawberries.

    Vanilla ice cream. Cut a vanilla pod open lengthways and scrape out seeds. Boil the pod and seeds in 100ml of milk. Leave to cool. Remove the pod. Add the milk and seeds.

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    French Macaroons but they are trickery to make maybe coconut macaroons they Are pretty easy and soooooo good

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