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Java fern and amazon sword compatibility?

I am looking to get some plants in my 20 gallon heated, filtered tank with led light that are on un the day. Are java fern and amazon sword compatible with ghost shrimp, dwarf gourami, zebra danios, mystery snail amd african clawed frog? How do you care for them and maintain them/ what are their needs

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    Java fern and sword are perfect for a snail and clawed frog and your java fern will survive the fish but the sword will be a gamble with the fish. They wont totally destroy it but you may notice one or two leaves missing.

    Your tank should be set in the upper 70s or lower 80s. You will need to feed the african clawed frog separately from the fish, most people even train them to eat off of a small dish at the bottom of the tank by using a turkey baster and squirting their food (usually some type of worms for aquatic frogs) into the plate. The fish you can feed tropical flakes like usual (small amounts multiple times a day not large amounts few times a day). Ghost shrimp eat pretty much everything but theyll leave your plants alone. They like to hide in the plants not eat them. The ghost shrimp are in the most danger of being eaten but with plants they will run for cover and be fine.

    Their needs: the frog needs some shelter like a cave. The danios need to be in a group of about 5 or more. The dwarf gourami needs lots of vegetation and hiding places where other fish can hide in case you get an aggressive one. Dwarf gouramis are peaceful compared to other gouramis but they are agressive compared to other species.

    Maintance: suck up what food the frog doesnt eat or youll have a really dirty tank because they dont scavenge. do a water change using a gravel vacuum once a month but be careful around the plant roots and use beneficial bacteria like Start Zyme or something. If youve had fish before you know the basics like water dechlorinator and filter cycling. If you want healthy plants dont do extra water changes because youll take out the nutrients and co2 that they like. Which is bad for fish but if you find a healthy balance it will be awesome! Btw there is nothing wrong with natural light. The sun will make the plants healthier than led light

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