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Nick asked in SportsOther - Sports · 7 years ago

Skateboarders what is your favoite video?

Mine is Daewon Song in Almost 3, his parts are amazing in Almost Round 3, as is everyone's in that video. Also, the music is amazing. The Killers + Daewon = genius.

please provide a link if possible to your favorite video.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    My top 20 favorites (not in order) are

    1.Paul Rodriguez -Forecast

    2. Chris Cole - Ride the Sky

    3. Andrew Reynolds- Stay Gold

    4. Andrew Reynolds - Baker 3

    5. Antwuan Dixon - Baker 3

    6. Moose - Deathwish video

    8. Tom Penny - Really Sorry

    9. Billy Marks - Ride the Sky

    10. Jamie Thomas - Welcome to Hell

    11. Sean Malto - Pretty Sweet

    12. Mike Mo Capaldi - Fully Flared

    13. Eric Koston - Yeah Right

    15. Rodney Mullen - Virtual Reality

    16. Steve Berra - Skate more

    17. Daewon Song - Skate more

    18. Sean Malto - And Now

    19. Leo Romero - Brain Wash

    20. Billy Marks - battle commander (Berrics)

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