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Thailand, Brazil, Ecuador?

If anybody lives there or has visited, can you please answer the following.

-Is there big economic diversity within the land

-What is it like in August

-Are there any August festivals

-What should a 16 year old girl be aware of

-What is the best/worst aspects about the country

-Is there a lot to do

Thank you very much:)

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    -Is there big economic diversity within the land [Yes. There are lots of natural resources (like petroleum, gold, copper, etc). The economy is also helped by the exportation of bananas, flowers and shrimp. Plus there is a large tourism and craft based market]

    -What is it like in August [The weather doesn't change too much through the year. But it does vary a lot by region. The mountains enjoy spring-like weather year round, whereas the jungle and coast have tropical weather. The jungle rains year round. August on the coast is typically dry and not as hot.]

    -Are there any August festivals [The 10th of August is Ecuador's independence day. It is celebrated to varying degrees throughout the country. Quito and Guayaquil tend to have the best parades and celebrations. Other areas -like where we live in Tena- it comes and goes hardly noticed]

    -What should a 16 year old girl be aware of [Ecuador is relatively safe. Foreign girls tend to stand out and get extra attention from guys. It can be easily dealt with...just ignore them]

    -What is the best/worst aspects about the country [Best: amazing scenery, friendly people, lots to see and do in such a small country. Worst: cities and towns are pretty dirty]

    -Is there a lot to do [Tons! Colonial historic centers. Craft markets. Jungle tours. Beautiful beaches. The Galapagos Islands. Rafting and kayaking. Hiking. Horseback riding. Just to name a few]

    Source(s): We live in Ecuador. For more tips for women: For more on 10 de agosto: For more on the weather:
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    Thailand likely safest, then Ecuador and last Brazil - Ecuador for scenery - Andes are amazing! - Each has a different culture and depends on what you are looking for - -

    For a 16 yr old girl it is probably not a great idea to be traveling anywhere alone.

    All the ocuntries you mention have a wide range of things to offer.

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    For Thailand, listed in your order......


    -not as hot as April but humid

    -look them up

    -dressing modestly, not talking to Thai men without a buddy, do not get publically drunk, smile a lot.

    -Best is people very forgiving; worst is its politics have allowed a strong man to nearly take it over from the inside via his PM sister and other parts of his dynasty.

    -Yes. Don't forget to take meditation classes and a class in massage therapy from the blind monks. Do elephant ride thru trees, not in a corral. Go to an ice cream shop near a Thai international high school and hang out with girls your own age to get the real Thailand info.

    Depend on the Lonely Planet guidebook.

    Source(s): a resident with two late teens to watch over.
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