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Canada Revenue Agency Question - T4's for last 5 years?

My boyfriend has not filed his taxes for the Last 5 years. He made a mistake and thought his bankruptcy agency was doing it... They were not. We've tried calling CRA for past T4's but since he's moved so many times and does not remember all his addresses they won't help him. Why doesn't just giving his Social Insurance Number work? Is there any other way to get to someone to help. There is only the one customer service # and that lady is just "no address no help"

Any suggestions. We'd really like to get this fixed this year.

If nothing else should he file for this year even though he's missed the last 5?

PLEASE HELP. Desperately stressed girlfriend hoping her boyfriend won't get sent to jail or won't have to find money for a lawyer. :(

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    What is it that you are trying to get?

    Canada Revenue Agency does not supply T4 statements. These come from your employer. CRA only has a list of deductions which employers have paid. These are not the same as T4s, nor can CRA provide T4s.

    CRA will not give you that information over the phone without verifying your identify. This prevents fraud -- i.e. other people with his SIN working in his name, getting his tax refunds, etc. If you need information from CRA and you don't remember your previous addresses (which is already questionable), go visit a CRA center in person and bring your SIN card and government issued photo ID with you.

    He won't be going to jail... unless he owes money or he was contacted by CRA and ordered to file. He just won't get his income tax refunds nor notice of assessments. The later might be required for certain bank loans, mortgages, credit card, insurance, etc. companies as proof of income.

    If he actually owes money (i.e. he was self-employed)... he should go talk with a lawyer or at least a tax accounting to represent him. Beg or borrow the money for a lawyer since its likely to be expensive.

    If he doesn't own money, other than needed a NoA or being ordered by CRA to file, he isn't in any hurry or fear of being arrested. He can visit a tax accounting or preparation agency, sign come documents, and they can deal with CRA on his behalf. They can contact former employers (based on his or CRAs records). I don't know why money would be an issue... presumably if he doesn't owe money... he would be getting a refund back.

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    "Why doesn't just giving his Social Insurance Number work?"

    The reason just giving your SIN won't work is because the CRA is the guardian of some very confidential information. It's the kind of information that could very easily be used to steal someone's identity. Over the telephone, there is no way to check photo ID's or fingerprints. So, they ask questions from the information that's on file. If you can't answer the questions, they don't release any information.

    And very rightly so.

    In this case, the one option would be to send a letter to the CRA asking that the T4 information be sent. The CRA offices are no longer open to the public.

    The other option (and the easier one), have him file for 2013 when he gets his T4's. They will update the address on file to whatever is written on the return. DO NOT USE NETFILE. Netfiled returns do not update the address. Then, once the tax return is complete, he will get his Notice of Assessment, and he will be able to use it to answer the questions posed to him by the telephone agent.

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