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Why don't libs blame Obama for the minimum wage jobs people have been forced to take during his 5 years?

as President. Why blame CEO's? What happened to those 'good paying shovel ready jobs' that Obama Biden and Pelosi PROMISED when they controlled BOTH Houses of Congress?


stas- Watch MSNBC much? lol

Update 2:

scottb- Thanks for exposing your liberal ignorance

Update 3:

lois- And who was President when it was 10%?

Update 4:

jack- You must enjoy making a fool of yourself.

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    Unemployment used to be 10 percent, now it's down to 7 percent.

    Obama did some good things passing the stimulus bills and jobs bills, which republicans supported similar versions under Bush but somehow have the nerve to oppose Obama's stimulus bills.

    Then they go to their home districts posing for photos holding giant checks, taking credit for the funds they voted against.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    because today's liberals and democrats don't care about people in this Country, Their only concern is staying in Power,

    stas, when you get a little older you may have more understanding why CEOs send Jobs overseas, The main two reasons are do to High Union demands and High Taxes, Company Owners get hit from both sides, and they have to make a decision to sent the work overseas or shut the company down.

    Pat, to respond to ( Republicans say no to help for small businesses back in 2010 )

    in truth (but not the reason the republicans

    blocked it), those "tax credits for jobs" are a waste of lost tax revenues. if the only reason a company is hiring someone is because of the credit, you can be sure that person will be let go, just as soon as the company can do it, without suffering a tax penalty for doing so. on the other hand, if consumer demand requires that a company hire a new employee to keep up, they will do so, job credit or not. there are currently all kinds of job related credits in the Internal Revenue Code, requiring several additional forms to be completed to claim them. as you can tell by the unemplyment numbers recently released, they've had no significant impact on hiring overall.

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    Because they aren't CEO's. They're President and Vice President of the United States

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    Because we're smart enough to know that for 5 years before him, there weren't even minimum wage jobs, and it's a huge improvement in the economy.

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  • Par 4
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    6 years ago

    Anything that happens during the Bush administration was Bush's fault.

    Anything that happens during the Obama administration is still Bush's fault.

    This is the Blame Party they are talking about. Name just ONE instance where they came out and said " we screwed up." Not once.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You are a fool. The industry will always pay people as little as possible. You are really stupid.

    We don't want people living in mudhuts and eating rat entrails on Thanksgiving.

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    The CEOs are the ones giving all our jobs to laborers in China, Korea, Taiwan, and India. How dumb can you be? Companies are outsourcing jobs for cheep labor and is costing American workers their own jobs.

  • jordan
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    6 years ago

    according to cons, the president is not a job which is it? you can't keep blaming obama for no jobs then claim that the president does not create jobs, pick a lane!!!

  • Pat
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    6 years ago

    Republican governors are hard at work laying off people

    (300,000 teachers have been laid off due to Republican budget cuts since 2009)

    Republicans say no to help for small businesses

    Republicans block third Obama jobs bill

    Republicans say no to closing tax loopholes that help send our jobs overseas

    Republicans say no to teachers, firefighters and police

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    Because libs don't know a damn thing about accountability.

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