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Is this online store on ebay trying to scam me?

I purchased an Xbox 360 from GoHastings on ebay, they are a store, they often create problems with there customers even though there feedback is 99.5% because they have so many customers, what they do is try to sell the same item both online and in the physical walk in store at the same time. So somebody bought my game system when I bought it. They said Unfortunately this item has been cancelled due to availability. The item physically sold from our store location before the order was received into our system.

If you need anything further please don't hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, no response is needed. What good is this message if they never refunded my account? We do not charge for a item until it has been shipped. There is a preauthorization on your account which should be released within 2-3 business days (depending on bank's policies You will not be charged for your canceled item. You may see a preauthorization on your account, but that will be released back into your account within 2-10 business days depending on your bank’s policies and procedures. I paid directly from my Paypal Balance, not a bank account, I went to Walgreens and loaded cash onto my paypal account with a greendot moneypak. Why can't they just give me an instant refund? I can't open a case because the estimated delivery date is tomorrow, but nothing is on the way. I checked my Paypal account it shows absolutely nothing regarding a refund. $0 balance no preauthorization in the history, nothing. There telling me to wait depending on my bank account. I paid with Paypal balance.

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    As soon as you can open a "item not received" case. That will pretty much garentee a refund

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    Huge scam typical Craigslist scammer.

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    contact paypal get full refund

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