Windows 7 problems after formatting?

I'm having HUGE problems after formatting my computer. I just bought a 128 GB SSD hard drive and I installed Windows onto it as well as formatted my 1 TB HDD drive. Now I'm getting a lot of problems. First, the computer asks what OS I want to start up whenever I turn on the computer (Windows 7 or Windows 7). One option doesn't do anything but say that Windows 7 cannot be launched. The other option brings me to my desktop. Well now that I'm at my desktop, the internet won't connect even thought the cable is plugged in. That's notmy biggest problem though because the internet works wirelessly on my laptop. Another problem is that Windows cannot install any hardware through the CD. I put my graphic card disk in and Windows says that the program cannot be installed. As well, all of a sudden there's a new disk called "Reserved Partition". Not sure what that is.

Please help me with this. Thanks.


And now my 1 TB HHD drive is gone...

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  • 7 years ago
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    It is because, you have installed the operating system twice to a system, without knowing the exact procedure. the format should be done. Reserved partition is actually a reserved partition of windows installing. If you format it correctly, then you would not have this problem. You have to go the advance drive option and then format reserved partition as well as primary partition. Otherdrives, you could easily format, easily. But any error in not deleting and installing in some other part, would lead to this error.

    Best thing. Reinstall windows 7 using this wonderful tutorial, self explanatory.

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  • 7 years ago

    Reinstalling Windows is a better idea. First, on BIOS, make sure SATA mode is "AHCI" instead of "IDE". When installing Windows, tell it to format/erase the SSD. The reserved partition is always created.

    Then on a different PC, you need to download drivers, at least LAN and/or WiFi. Windows CD barely has drivers on it, anyway they're all obsolete. Go to the PC vendor or motherboard webpage, go either to download or support.

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