What do you all think about RA the Rugged Man saying Masta Ace is the....?

most consistent rapper of all time?

BQ: Do you agree? If not, who do you believe is the most consistent rapper of all time?

BQ2: What do you think is Masta Ace best album?

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  • 6 years ago
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    I agree with him

    Ace is a consistant rapper....but not the most or only

    rapper to be so.

    Not only do many fans have their own opinions based on

    the rappers they've know for so long

    BQ : I would actually pick KRS-1

    He's been in the game since about day 1

    And still rockin till this day


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  • Of course not, Masta Ace is pretty damm boring these days. Plus, whenever RA says anything you can bet it's not true.

    BQ: Gift of Gab - easily.

    BQ2: Long Hot Summer

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