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Surnames as first names - question !?

I see this answer a lot on here : " I don't like (__insert name__), its a surname and should stay that way. "

- Now i realize the irony in the question, as i am aware that my first name is indeed a surname, but i assure you that has nothing to do with my question. It's just genuine curiosity :)

The most recent name i have seen fall victim to this statement was Kennedy. While im not a huge fan of the name, it got me thinking. I know people with the surnames :











this list could get long, so im going to stop here.

So, what makes some surnames more acceptable to use as first names than others ?

- Discuss !

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    Well some you see a lot more often than others and so people start to see it as a name that is normal for both, I actually think sawyer fits in that category. I think its just a time thing, same as how some originally boy names are now thought of as girl names. So over time as more people use names like smith or cooper as first names, people will start to like it more. Kind of like those really unique or even weird names, it starts out with one or two people using the name and before you know it everyone is naming ther kid that and then no one things it is unique or weird anymore. Same way names can rearrange themselves and before long no one will think theres anything unusual about a person named dougan henderson or any other name like that. Its just a time thing with tastes changing over time.

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    Surnames as first names is a growing trend now a days, as people really seem to find them cool and very gender specific. Most of the surnames that pop to mind are boys names, as they tend to be more masculine than feminine. In fact, lots of people use surnames as first names without even realizing it. The following are all surnames that are in the Top 100 Boys & Girls Baby Names for 2012:












































    I personally like the trend!


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    You're absolutely right. Most boys names are actually surnames. The thing that gets me the most is surnames being used as baby girls names that sound in no way feminine. Such as Kennedy. Or Harper, Spencer, Avery, Addison, etc.

    I have absolutely no problem with surnames being used as first names and often enough it's used as honoring a family member, maiden name, trying to keep a name alive within a family, etc. I do however have a problem with overly masculine surnames being used as first names on girls. Obviously from an Italian background, that doesn't happen often with surnames to first names, otherwise, my first name might be Scarlato (awkward name) but we really overuse first names so I actually don't mind the transition from surname to first name. Maybe it's more acceptable to have a Walker than an O'Leary right now... but eventually they'll all get turned into first names we're just not totally there yet.

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    I think it's just opinion that makes one more acceptable over another and common usage. Look in any phone book. There are 100's of well accepted first names that are also last names. Benjamin

    James (like you said). Abby. Madison. Avery. Alexander. Bailey. Andrea. Christy. Carter. Jackson. I could go on and on. I found almost 200 in my piddly, podunk town phone book.

    Name purists seem to think that last names should not be used as first names. That's their opinion. Everyone has a right to an opinion. We don't all have to agree.

    I do sometimes find someone suggesting a last name as a first name and think (to quote a Minion), "whaaaa????". Again...opinion. There are no written rules or laws.

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    My first name and middle name are "surnames" my Oldest son's middle name is a "surname and my yongest son's first and middle name is a surname. I never realized that they were surnames until people on Y!A pointed it out. I love them personally, and I love my sons names :) I love the name Kennedy for a girl but my hubby didn't so it's off the list. I also love Lincoln for a boy if we have more which falls in the surname category. :)

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    I don't know. I think it's ridiculous when people say it's a surname and shouldn't be a first name. I know somebody with the surname Henry does that mean is shouldn't be a first name? No! My surname is Sanfilippo should it be a first name? No, because it's hard to pronounce and is clearly a last name. Names like Kennedy could be either!

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    I don't mind it, unless its a weird name thats hard to pronounce and I hate when people throw the names on girls. I met a girl named Carter who said it was her mothers maiden name, so she named her that! Its not cute!

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    Sirnames have been used as first names for a loooonnngg time.

    I think it's fine, but some do seem too masculine for girls, people are against that.

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