Who could I play in Hairspray?

i'm auditioning for hairspray in a few days i just want some opinions. thank uuuu.


there's my soundcloud. i'm an "actor who sings", you could say. so in other words, my acting trumps my singing ninety nine percent of the time. i'm more of a comedic actress than dramatic actress. i'm fifteen and auditioning for a program that is 13-17. i also have brown hair, brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin. yaay.

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  • 7 years ago
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    How much do you weigh? If you aren't "full figured" --then you can cross Tracy Turnblad off your list.

    Other than that, it really depends on what other actors will be going up for the part and how the director envisions that character looking and sounding

    Since this play IS a musical, it is important that you can dance, or at least move well enough to pick up choreography. And you need to sing well enough to at least sing in tune--and you don't.

    Take some voice lessons--it will not only increase your chances of being cast in musicals but will prevent strain and damage to your vocal cords because all that rehearsing and performing when you don't have any training can take its toll.

    You will need to get a REAL voice teacher--you won't be able to train yourself. Trying to follow videos or other "do it yourself" courses are iffy. Often the stuff you find on Youtube contains a lot of nonsense--some potentially harmful--and even the good information is useless if you misunderstand it and there is no one there to help correct and encourage you along.

    Otherwise, it's best to stick to straight plays with no singing in them at all. (Go ahead and try out--maybe there are small non-singing roles)

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