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*IF* limitation is nothing but a brain function?

and if the brain fundamentally grasps limitlessness.... and limitlessness is nothing but a brains construct....

would that mean we are limited and unlimited in different ''places''?

if yes, what type of places?

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    I think, We are "UNLIMITED" in Our "PERSONAL PLACES" That is Our "MIND with the IMAGINATION with Our ABILITY", and LIMITED to the " VAST OUTER PLACES, WITHOUT the PERMISSION and the KNOWLEDGE to Grasp the KNOWN and the UNKNOWN", While the "CONSCIOUS" of the MIND, FLYING EVERYWHERE, and the KNOWLEDGE of the BRAIN "RESTRICTED", But, "BOTH" are "RESIDING, WITHIN OURSELVES". ....... But, " IF" the Brain Limited and "STOPPED" Its Function, the Human "LIVING BEING" is Stopped.

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    *IF* limitation is nothing but a brain function?

    ~~~ It is not!

    All 'limitation' exists in/as 'thought', the 'imagination'.

    The theory that the brain generates Consciousness or thought, 'materialism', has been obsolete for a long time already!

    It doesn't!

    But all limitation IS a 'function of 'thought', concepts, the imagination!

    and if the brain fundamentally grasps limitlessness....

    ~~~ Again a false assumption!

    'THOUGHT' is LIMITED and, thus cannot grasp 'eternity'.

    'Eternity', other than as some 'imaginary concept', does not exist.

    The limited certainly cannot conceive of the 'unli,mited', even if...

    Another faulty 'assumption'!

    So far, very consistent! *__-

    and limitlessness is nothing but a brains construct....

    ~~~ Impossible!

    That wet lump of meat in your skull doesn't 'construct' anything!

    Especially that with no existence.

    How many electrons exist in the Universe?

    That is a limited number, but close enough to call 'infinite', or nearly so!

    would that mean we are limited and unlimited in different ''places''?

    if yes, what type of places?

    ~~~ The egoic you, the 'personality' that exists in your imagination, 'you', are limited by 'your' context.

    Beyond the ego... the Self that transcends the 'imagination' is not limited in any way at all!

    We are the Universe!

    ALL is Known!

    We transcend all time and space and life and death... we transcend all limitations!

    Unless 'we' live in our imagination!

    "Cogito Ergo Sum!"

    "I think, therefore I am!" - Descartes

    This saying is exactly true, as it refers to the egoic construct of autonomous existence of a 'self', an 'I', as opposed to a 'you'/'other'.

    'Ego' is the same, one and the same, as 'thought'!

    Hence 'thought' being where this (egoic) 'self' exists. That is the 'I' to which the quote refers!

    No 'thought/ego' = no egoic 'I'!

    There can be no 'I' without 'thought'.

    Thought, though, does not 'create' the egoic "I", they are one and the same, as perceived!

    We don't 'think outside the box', 'thought' IS the box!

    The above referenced 'I', or small 's' 'self' cannot exist in a thoughtless state, such as a Zen state where no such distinctions can be perceived.

    There only exists 'one', (capital 'S') 'Self!', which is 'Universally all inclusive'. Which does not disappear when 'thought' is no longer perceived!

    Ask any successful meditator, or check it out yourself.


    It is 'thought' that says, "I am not that!"

    "Thou Art That!"

    tat tvam asi (

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    Same thought process, Pain. I believe the Egyptians had it as close to right as it can get in life, they knew the birthplace of humanity, hell, even the Nile river and delta replicate the human spine and brain. But our minds ARE limited. I believe the universes greatest invention is the human mind and although I don't believe we evolved from monkeys I do believe in evolution and that our minds still has a while to go in the evolutionary chain before it can be limitless, if that isn't highly improbable. But you are on the right track just asking that question. As far as we know the brain has over a hundred billion cells and makes more connections than there are galaxies in the known universe the mind is a very powerful organ, it can make you see ghosts, make you believe in something that doesn't exist. Our eyes may be our weakest organ we should have two blind spots in each eye where our optic never connects to the eye but our brains are so powerful it fills in the blanks instead.

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    or maybe not a brain *function* but rather a brain handicap?

    maybe the ancient egyptians werent as handicapd as we are.

    maybe we can teletransport at will our molecules through walls, it would just take generations of training, adapting, and believing to get back to the level the ancient egyptians were at?

    Maybe morality, more specific altruism, really did stop human evolution and the ancients were nietzches last ubermench.

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