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Do you believe that Heisenberg intentionally declined to create the Atomic bomb for Hitler?

An interesting article, here:

The interesting thing is that Heisenberg proved even Einstein wrong, but was unable to create the nuclear weapon? More info about the super sophisticated debate between Einstein and Heisenberg/the quantum physicists can be found here: (it's just too complex and long to fit into a YA! question...).

So the NYT articles just says that Heisenberg believed that the war can be won via Atomic weapons and not that he wants to create such weapon for the nazis.

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    If you go through the accounts of how the Manhattan project went through, it would reveal certain aspects.

    Atom Bomb was an invention when there was nothing like it before, nor any had any idea of what it would be like if made at all.

    Enrico Fermi's wife, Laura's account (she doesn't understand even elementary Physics), "Atoms in the family" creates the ambiance on the mesa in an isolated spot in New Mexico. A dozen of the best Physicists, most of them Nobel Laureates or were to be become, were gathered & were working on the project starting from the first atomic pile with blocks of graphite (to act as a moderator) with identically placed lumps of U₂₃₅ to start the Fission process. Prof. Niels Bohr (the first to conceive a model of Atom, applying the principle of Quantum mechanics - Quantum mechanical model of atom), arrived by ship in New York, rather disheveled, after dodging Nazi secrecy (SS men) network. They all shared the opportunity to develop it. Canadian & British governments too were involved in the project, of course

    First, it is not a one-man job that a Werner Heisenberg alone could do. The base for such a thing was lacking in Germany except the intention & the Academic infrastructure. What was needed was to lay the ground work for the Technology & its development. After the scheme was cracked (as to how to actually build the Bomb), the Technology was transferred (transplanted) to Oakridge in Tennessee.under the stewardship of Oppenheimer, who made & delivered the Bombs to the US forces.

    I might emphasise as well, that it is a long road from Science to Technology via Engineering when a device is to be conceived (based on Physics principle), engineered & 'batch' produced in a factory.

    Some countries are really great in Science but do not understand the basics of Technology, this primitiveness (amongst the educated & elite even) wouldn't go far to produce devices, ab initio. Technological Imbecility is not something that such an Imbecile can see, as it is in him/her. Yet s/he struggles hard over a long period, learning the Technological ropes by trial & error. He discovers the Technology the hard way & with dedicated work. None of the Nobel Laureates has at anytime worked on Technology, in a factory. But without their inputs the device wouldn't take shape at all.

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    I believe in the early years he was more interested in the Physics side of the bomb not about who he was making them for or what their usage would be. He said that they couldn't achieve one until 1945 and Hitler ordered the funding for that and put Goering in charge.

    Remember that they not sure what would occur when they set one off, some thought the explosion would set fire to the atmosphere and the planet would be incinerated


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    Yes because he had to focus on the meth and Jesse.

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