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nico asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 7 years ago

why is technology/science so much further advanced than our social, psychological, and spiritual development?


thegreatone - but why do people want it that way?

Update 2:

Pocket Protecktor - science is the most anal retentive thing in the fricking world just as much as religion political parties etc the whole lot theyre all playing the same game hence my question

Update 3:

and doesn't this pattern make for a progressively colder and colder emotional climate???

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    Technology and science do want practical innovation and discovery while the social psychological and spiritual development is inclined towards the fossilization through following old fundamental styles of behaviour.

    The social layout goes on building up on inherited privileges, on the difference of human classes, on nepotism, on the ethnic values. The psychological development is wanted mentored by the authorized workers in the field of psychology with their habits and their crazes. The spiritual development does rest on the imitation of those stale scriptures of old that do emphasize the holiness and the wisdom of a behaviour that was valid two or more thousand years ago.

    Through its theories, through its visions, through its discoveries, through its technical creations, science does want to provide us with some good innovations, with some great syntheses so our life hopefully will become easier less bloody conflicting.

    Science does want to help us to reach the stars through the dedicated struggle of learning whatever new that we may learn.

  • 7 years ago

    At least in part because it (science -at least the "hard" sciences) believes there is a truth to be found and looks for it, unlike the "social sciences" in which everything is "relative" and devoid of meaning; if one takes the position that all is illusion, science and the scientific method is no longer relevant. Technology -and its basis, the "hard ' sciences - deals with reality and things that are not illusions, nor are the topics of the hard sciences a matter of varied opinions and agendas and political buy-out groups (lobbyists).

    I would have to add, however, that the EPA seems to have bought out a sizeable portion of the physics community in its interference with the whole climate issue.

    Given any academic discipline, once politics becomes involved in its business objectivity disappears and its contribution to the human condition tends to disappear.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    How do various scientist get public recognition?

    Why are colleges and universities(where science generally happens or promoted from/by)

    Why are colleges and universities so politically correctness motivated?

    Pander to some factions/groups more than others?

    Why is some science accepted by the "politically correct" and other science not accepted?

    They, scientist, kiss *** to be seen and heard, OR someone does it for them

    UNFORTUNATELY science and art are tied to and motivated by " our social, psychological, and spiritual development"

    Some science is promoted,

    some science is swept under the rug

    AND along the same vein of "technology/science so much further advanced than our social, psychological, and spiritual development"

    JUST WHO gets to say what is or is not advanced?

    Is that logic ,science, OR "social, psychological, and spiritual"?

    Is the science we exploit/use/promote/make money from

    logical at all? When compared to other science and technology we might be using?

    So what motivates Science and technology?

    Is it social, psychological, spiritual or political, or all of them?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Science is far more advanced because it has left the confines of limited thought and blind devotion that has been the stigma of religion for hundreds of years. In time maybe mankind will fine some equilibrium between the mind and the soul, but for now the best hope is to advance ourselves technologically, and stop killing each other over things we can not prove in this lifetime.

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  • Monk
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    7 years ago


    Could you be comparing apples to oranges? Technology/science has many observers and contributors working together in most cases.

    The individual is on his own without much help that can be trusted in the false-ego-idea playing the same game. (“I am” and all existence is out there.) This One gets the shivers just thinking about it.

    That being said, human kind, as a whole, is rapidly falling into deeper state of sleep while advancements in intelligence are celebrated. The head leaving the heart behind and out of balance. Man is found to be tumbling down. Mediations should be taught in all school systems.

    Take a look/see.

    Source(s): Zen Vipassana, inner vision.
  • kagi
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    7 years ago

    Science is related to fact; it is provable and apparent; a tangible, visible, provable reality that all may observe if one has the appropriate tools. Psychological and spiritual development is subjective; it is not provable by scientific method and therefore not seen or observed by the five senses of other individuals.

  • 7 years ago

    That's what usually happens in planets with a low level of evolution, such as the Earth...

    You sound a lot like you've read a book called "Ami, Child of the Stars"... and if not, well just read it, you'll like it and probably understand what it means. Besides being a beautiful story, it's loaded with wisdom. ;-)

  • 7 years ago

    I think, Because, While the Social, Psychological and Spiritual "ADAMANTLY" Moving BACKWARDS , While the Technology MOVING with the SPEED, There Becomes the "WIDE GAP", While the WORLD IS "DANCING in the GAP".

  • 7 years ago


    Science lets us feel superior to the illiterate, and spiritual development requires honest self-reflection, which is uncomfortable, and burns more glucose than conformity.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Because science and technology are a lot easier than social/psychological/spiritual.

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