If you look at all the animals. insects etc that are on this planet you will see that all of them...?

follow a daily routine, a pattern , what we were told was natural instinct. Animals barely minutes/days old carrying out functions like creating defences , making nests, fighting, hunting, cleaning and preening themselves as if they had been doing it for years. etc,. This instinct appears to be the true nature of all creatures and they never resist following that nature. They say its a genetic code that allows them to begin functioning immediately as the animal they are.

Question: What is wrong with human being? Laziness, directionless, prone to addictions, lusts, deviations? A huge majority of human beings seem to be functionless apart from eating and drinking, late sleeping etc.

It seems we human beings differ greatly from all other creatures when it comes to instinct. Does this in some way relate to the story of Satan always harassing human beings in order to make us deviate from our rightful industrious path.

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    God dwells inside everyone and lets us know which path to choose in different stages of life. This is inner voice of an omnipresent positive energy i.e. God. The humans are given the power to think rationally. Insects, animals and plants do not possess this power of thinking rationally. However, the humans have deviated from the positive inner voice and chosen irrirationality like exercising unhealthy options of excessive drinking, sleeping late, betraying wife / husband, etc. others include war, man made calamity like economic depression, etc. This deviates them from their sole nature of humanity ie helping each other, loving and caring one another, peace , serenity, etc. Hence, humans themselves have chosen to betray the positive inner voice and are choosing the negative path i.e. betrayal to God and ultimately 'choosing' the charcteristics of Satan who also has betrayed God in Heaven.

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    I don't really think things are quite as clear cut as you imply. For example, if you watch wildlife documentaries, it is clear that some animals (at least in 'higher' species) do not hunt entirely by instinct, but learn how to do so. Also, when they have finished hunting and eating, animals such as lions spend most of their time just sleeping, which in humans you would regard as laziness. Many humans do tend to have things a lot easier, so we do not have to spend as much time just trying to survive as some animals do. Most animals do not have the opportunity to develop addictions, though studies with monkeys living near tourist resorts (where they can steal alcoholic drinks) show that they display the same variety of behaviour with alcohol as humans.

    There is some truth in what you say, however. Our larger brains enable us to think about what we do, rather than just relying on instinct, and perhaps our instincts have diminished as a result.

    I don't see any reason to think these things are anything to do with Satan. It is we who are responsible, and trying to blame external entities is not going to help us change to solve such problems.

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    It is true that animal species, including mammals like ourselves, establish an equilibrium with their environment. We humans do not. Agent Smith in the film The Matrix has a great soliloquy about that (which you can a Google at your leisure because I can't be as eloquent). Basically, he states we humans go to one place, consume its resources, and in order to survive, have to move to another and consume some more. Until it's all gone. And then we die with the planet we killed. There is another organism that follows this pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. It feeds on the organism until the organism dies, and so does the virus. We are a disease on the planet.

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    It's because we have problem-solving intelligence. Animals always have issues they have to deal with. We can avert that.

    Example: Animals have to look for food almost every day. If they fail, they'll starve (well, small animals would).

    But for humans, it's theoretically entirely possible to store up supplies and not leave your house for a week or longer. With some planning, you can arrange things so you literally have no pressing concerns at all for, again, say a week.

    In the civilized world, there are no predators that can harm us, usually not even other humans.

    Bottom line: because we are so smart, we can live proportionally care-free lives. If you live in the right location, you can even dismiss the threat of natural disaster and you'll only ever have to worry about disease.

    I suppose you would think we're too damn smart for our own good.

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  • I think you are on the right track, but it is not a question of harassment by Satan, but of a nature that is broken by sin. We are made in God's image and reflect his glory to an extent, yet, like a cracked gem, cannot fix ourselves - hence the need of a Savior. I hope this helps.

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    7 years ago

    The huge majority of humans are starving. Perhaps that has something to do with their "functionless" eh?

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    7 years ago

    Many animals are much more opportunistic than you think. Lust? Don't you think animals feel lust? I think you actually need to study biology. Read "The human zoo" by Desmond Morris too. You will get it all explained.

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    7 years ago

    No. It has everything to do with the processing power of a large evolved brain. Satan is a fictitious character from an old book of myths.

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