What's a better deal for around the same price on ebay, 360 + Wii, or just a PS3?


360 around $80, the original white model system with 20 or 60gb Hard Drive

Wii $50 or $60

PS3 60GB that can play PS2 and PS1 games, around $150

Update 2:

Keep in mind that Wii can also play Gamecube and 360 can play some original Xbox games.

Update 3:

The 360 can play just about half of all original Xbox games, and half of them it can't play, and none of them are Live enabled anymore, which means Halo 2 isn't what it used to be with the campaign only.

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    Your choices and their Pros&Cons:

    Playstation 3:


    -The PS3 has really good exclusives.

    -It has a Blu-ray optical Drive to play Movies and Games.

    -It is 3D-enabled.

    -You can easily Back-up and play your original games.

    -There are barely any hidden charges. For example - The multiplayer is free, you do not need to buy/keep charging the batteries of the DualShock 3 controller.

    -Multiplayer on the PS3 (via PSN) is totally free.

    -It has the PS Move which is essentially a Wii HD, although the number of move enabled games as of now are few.

    -The PS3 doesn't require you to buy proprietary Hard-discs from Sony itself like Microsoft, so you can buy and 2.5" Drive and use it on your PS3, be it 40GB or 2TB (just make sure the HDD is 9.5mm in height, 12.5mm will not work).

    -The DualShock3 controller has an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery which can be replaced when it is dead. Plus the controller can be charged from literally anything that has a USB port! The X360 requires a pair of AA batteries and requires another pair as a standby (and the battery charger as well!) or the play-and-charge kit. Which means more investments!

    -The power adapter is built within the console and accepts 110~230V. The X360 OTOH has an external power brick which doesn't accept both the voltages. It is fairly expensive as well!

    -Supports DTS-HD MA and Dolby True HD

    -Supports the PS3 Media Server - can stream/decode the media from a NAS.

    -Cloud Computing and the usage of ordinary USB Keyboard and mouse are also allowed on a PS3.

    -Games in the Blu-ray discs are region-free. However access to PlayStation Network (PSN) content is restricted by regions.


    -No use of getting a PS3 if you do not like its exclusives.

    -The DS3 controller is bought separately does NOT have any warranty! (So test it from the outlet before you pay for it!)

    -DVD and Blu-ray movies are region locked.

    Which games should you play first?

    -The Uncharted Series

    -The Metal Gear Solid series (MGS 4!)

    -The God of War series

    -The Killzone series

    -The Infamous series

    -Heavy Rain

    -The Last of Us

    -The Little Big Planet series

    -Demon's Souls

    -The Ratchet & Clank Series

    Xbox 360:


    -Good shooting games.

    -Xbox Kinect - The Kinect is superior to the PS Move and the Wii. Although costly, you only need one Kinect to play with many people, unlike the PS Move or the wii-mote where you need as many controllers as there are people playing.

    -Fairly backward-compatible with the Xbox 1.

    -Xbox live - Although a paid service, it is really good and superior to the PSN (Although not by much).

    -Xbox 360 controller - I myself prefer the 360 controller over the PS3 one cause of the following reasons. I have large hands and the 360 controller fits well into my hands and also the 360 triggers are superior to the Dualshock 3's.

    -Playing your Back-ups is as easy as on a PS3, if not easier.

    -Some amazing XBLA exclusives like Limbo, Shadow Complex. Pretty small games but not to be missed out!


    -If you already have a PS3 - you need not buy a 360 also as most games are multi-platform, and the 360's future exclusives are looking dim.

    -If you do not like to pay a fee to play online.

    -If you are not particularly a fan of the Shooting Genre.

    -If you do not like the 360's ridiculous hidden charges (online fee, microsoft HDD's and batteries for the 360 controller.).

    -Bad D-pad on the 360 controller. Although the newer 360 controllers have a better D-Pad, the older 360 controllers have a D-pad which has a really bad design.

    -The X360 does not have a universal power supply built into the console and depends on the power brick - a separate hefty device that lies outside the console. The power brick must be changed or a step-down transformer must be used, if the socket voltage varies from the acceptable voltage.

    -Some titles are region-locked whereas some others aren't, which largely depends on the publisher!

    Which games should you play first?

    -The Halo series (especially Reach).

    -The Gears of War series.

    -The Alan Wake series

    -The Dead Rising series

    -The Forza series

    Nintendo Wii:


    -LARGE number of motion controlled games.

    -Awesome first-party exclusives.

    -If you like Platforming.

    -Family-Friendly console.

    -100% Backwards compatible with the Gamecube.

    -Exercise while playing.

    -Console can be easily modded to play backups.(Both Hard and Soft).


    -Next to no Online games.

    -Non-HD console, so if you have a Large TV it won't really look great.

    -If you do not like Motion Controller games, this console is not for you.

    -Can't do much except gaming, can't even play normal DVD's.

    Which three games should you play first?

    -Super Mario galaxy

    -Metroid: Other M

    -Red Steel 2

    Source(s): Personal Experience and Knowledge, Techenclave.com
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  • 7 years ago

    i think you better buy xbox 360 cause the games on wii is a little cartoonist no good graphics and xbox has great games and laso better graphics

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