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Broke my phone. What can I do?

I dropped my phone and the screen cracked (it looks like the whole screen is shattered). It still works but its very hard to do anything on it (touch screen). I bought my phone from China (its a HTC Butterfly a.k.a. x920e) and my service provider here (Canada) is Rogers. Will they repair my phone if I go to them? What options do I have? I won't be able to repair it myself most likely because it cannot be taken apart (cant access the battery or anything in the back).



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    Depending how bad it is they will repair it very expensive tho just buy the best parts off eBay and take it to repair shop or try to do it yourself but not the best idea if u choose to then reply to me and I'll make a video how to fix

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    The best way is buy the original parts from Amazon or HCQS.

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