can i get steam trading cards more than once?

I sold all of my cards to get money and now I am not getting any more cards. can I get cards from them more than twice

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  • Cantra
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    7 years ago
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    Here's how it works.

    Say there's a game with six trading cards. You can earn three cards (might give you repeats, no guarantee they will be different) kinda randomly through playing the game. When you've earned these, you won't get any more as random drops. What happens is as long as you keep yourself eligible by logging into Steam at least once a week, you may receive a random 3-card booster pack for that game, given to you when someone redeems that game's cards for the badge.

    So for me, for example, I've earned the four Borderlands 2 cards I can get by playing, and someone somewhere crafted the Borderlands 2 badge and I was the person randomly chosen to get a booster pack for it.

    Basically you've earned all the ones you can get by playing, so you just have to hope one day you get picked to get a booster pack.

    As for your new games, if you mouseover on your name on Steam (on the Store/Library/Community/Your name) and then click 'Badges', you can see all the games you have that have trading cards, and it will show if you've got any random drops left for any.

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