Off season predictions for lions, new coach? Walk or resign? Free agency? Draft? Your thou?

New Head coach..... Ken Wisenhut

The lions cut...... K David Ackers, G Leroy Harris, WR Nate Burlesson, TE Dorin Dickerson, WR Kris Durham ( would cut CB Houston but it's actually better off keeping him as dead weight, maybe he'll improve)

Lions let walk..... TE Brandon Pettigrew, Dylan Gandy, Isereal Idonije, DT Andre Fluellen, LB Rocky Mcintosh

The Lions resign...... QB Shaun Hill, Kevin Ogletree, C Dominic Riola, CB Robert Mathis, T Jason Fox, LS Don Muhlbach, STP John Wendling, Willie Young

Free Agency signings by the Lions......

WR Jermey Maclin ~ Philadelphia Eagles

K Graham Gano ~ Carolina Panthers

Detroit Lions Mock draft

1st- CB Darqueze Dennard out of MSU

Detroit's secondary has had many bad years in the past, bringing in a lock down corner who has been compared to Leon Hall would shore up the secondary a bit.

2nd- TE Austin Sefrian-Jenkins

If they let Pettigrew go, they'll need a TE, taking a 6'6 276 pound athletic freak out of Washington would certainly help lions fans forget about pettigrew (Sefrian-Jenkins hands are pretty Consistent).

3rd: WR Brandon Coleman from Rutgers

At 6'5 220 he has the stature of Calvin Johnson, he much more resembles Terrell Owens (besides the drama queen part) he makes fantastic catches that actually are Calvin Johnson.... No maybe Alshon Jeffery like. He only runs maybe a 4.5 but his jumping ability is incredible. ( should be a first rounder, went unnoticed because of the depth at WR this year)

3rd (trade Mikel Leshoure): DT/DE Kareem Martin out of North Carolinia State

Need depth at both DE and DT, why not get a guy who can play both.

4th FS Terrance Brook out of FSU

Louis Delmas injury prone, Depth needed

5th- no pick

6th- OLB Denicos Allen out of MSU

better then Ashely Palmer

7th C Cory Linsey OSU

What are your guys thoughts on my offseason wish list, counter opinion?

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    Good luck with Kenny. Have you looked at his record? He had long losing streaks in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with the Cardinals. He grossly mishandled the QB position during the 2012 preseason, naming John Skelton the starter over Kevin Kolb. Skelton gets hurt in the opener and Kolb comes in and the Cardinals go 4-0 before Kolb gets hurt. Kenny then goes to a mindless rotating QB scheme and the Cardinals lose 11 out of 12, including 9 straight, to finish 5-11. Kenny is one arrogant MFer, when he gets questioned during long losing streaks he arrogantly declares that he "knows what works". If the Lions are stupid enough to hire Kenny they must resist his demand to have final say over personnel. He got that from the Cardinals after the 2008 season and that led to a series of early round busts.

    Maybe Kenny learned to put his massive ego in check and he'll do better with the Lions. I'm not holding my breath. You heard it here first when you're pissed off about a 8 game losing streak and Kenny says he knows what works.

  • 7 years ago

    Caldwell was hired today,

    Keep Burleson, he's the biggest voice on this team, and he can fit in at the slot once we get a #2 receiver. I agree with all your cuts and re-singings except for Shaun Hill and Brandon Pettigrew, keep Pettigrew, he's finally becoming and effective tight end in the run as well as in the passing game. Let Shawn Hill walk, and draft a QB such as Connor Shaw in 6th or 7th round. I like your free agent signings, we don't know how much Maclin will want but he'd be a tremendous addition, and any kicker is an upgrade over Akers at this point. Love Darqueze Dennard first round, Brandon Coleman or Davante Adams are the two receivers I see forming an effective duo with Calvin.(And especially if we had Maclin.. oh boy.) But every Lions fan can agree CB and WR are the two positions that need the most focus. (Houston was our best CB...he ranked 90th on the top 100 CBs in the NFL). I still think Slay can develop into an every day CB.

  • 7 years ago

    If you guys get Whis, Stafford will improve leaps and bounds. I say definitely let Raiola walk. He is old as dirt. In the draft, Im not sure Darqueze Dennard(younger cousin of ALfonzo Dennard) will still be available but if he is, they should definitely take him to improve their corners. HE can come in right away and start at RCB opposite Houston. WHy would they cut Houston when Rashean Mathis was worse than him last year and is 3 years older? If you keep all three, I would slide Houston into the slot on third down since Mathis is more of a boundary corner at this point of his career. In their base 4-3 defense, their 2 corners should be Dennard and Houston. This would improve their secondary leaps and bound. They already have a good 3 man rush with Fairley, Suh, Ansah but I say get another LB who can rush from the OLB spot or 4-3 end spot in free agency.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Unfortunately, I have to agree. Ken Wisenhunt will likely leave San Diego as offensive coordinator and coach the Lions next season. Which sucks, because we haven't had this kind of a winning combination of talent and coaching since Marty Schottenheimer left San Diego after a 14-2 season.

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    7 years ago

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