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High school questions?

I am currently in grade 8 and I have some questions for high school.

I have plans on going to university and going to dental school and from what I have learned I need to take Academic classes. What I am wondering is do I need to take all classes to get into university? I am handing in my forum tomorrow with all classes Academic circled but I was wondering if I need French,and geography as Academic because I don't think I'm to good with them. I got a 81% in french (some how) and a 75 in geog but I'm really stressed about it. Also I have 2 extra classes I get to choose and I was planning on arts (drawing) and computers (animating editing etc) but I was wondering if there was some class I should take for dental school. Thees are the classes Computer Business Applications, Dramatic arts, exploring Technologies, Individual & Family Living, Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Guitar - Classical. I would also like to know what computer class was for animating and editing. Thank you for helping.

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    High Schools go by credits of categories. So you only have to take French if you need 1 or 1 years of a foreign language/elective. Same with art, etc. The best thing to do is get the harder academic classes out of the way the first 3 years, then senior year you only have to take easy classes like art, etc. It's always best to talk to a counselor-they will tell you everything. Just make sure to take lots of science and math because you are going into the medical field

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