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Question about prominent Catholics....................?

Which prominent Catholic do you think had a large impact when it comes to social justice........................?

(i)Father Filipe Ximenes Belo

-Famous Catholic Archbishop from East Timor who won the Nobel Peace prize in 1996 for helping to bring an end to the genocide occurring there, as well as playing a part in the withdrawal of Indonesian occupation troops in East Timor

(ii)Father Oscar Romero

-Famous Archbishop of El Salvador known for his stand against the military dictatorship at the time in defense of the poor; was assassinated in 1980 while delivering mass. Since assassination has been beatified in the Catholic Church as well as recognized at Westminister Abbey in the Hall of Martyrs along with Martin Luther King Jr and Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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    Both are great examples of the Church Militant who probably stormed the gates of Heaven into the Church Triumphant. That is almost like asking who had a bigger impact on church history St. Peter or St Paul.

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