JWs: Is the Society's offer to settle child abuse cases like Satan's offer of temporal power to Jesus?

JWs = Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower Society silences victims by offering them large sums of money. Satan attempted to stop Jesus from paying the ransom sacrifice by offering him worldly power. Since money=power, aren't the Society's methods and those of Satan the same? Should this be of concern to us?


While it is more appropriate to call the payees "alleged" victims, we can make the assumption that at least SOME of them actually DID suffer sexual abuse. But that is the whole point: to make them shut up so we can't know for sure. If there were no truth to the allegations, there wouldn't be any reason to fork over cash to these people. It's a win-win situation for everyone except the next victim.

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    Sixteen Child Sex Abuse Lawsuits against Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Settled

    Largest Deal Ever in Denomination’s History Includes Controversial Gag Order

    One of the Predators is A Fugitive & Was Profiled on “America’s Most Wanted”

    Nation-wide Support Group Blasts Secrecy & Wants To Help Others Who Are Wounded

    At a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims will disclose and discuss a child molestation settlement (allegedly in the millions of dollars and the largest-ever) against the Jehovah's Witnesses. All but two of the 16 victims are Californians. One of the predators, a San Diego native, was on ‘America’s Most Wanted.’

    They’ll also discuss a nationwide outreach effort to find and help more men and women who have been sexually abused by Jehovah's Witness officials.


    Thursday, May 10, 10:00 a.m.


    Outside the __ County Courthouse, ADDRESS (corner of __), in San Diego (BILL-PLS GET TH IS FROM OUR SAN DIEGO LEADER PAUL OR MARY GRANT 626 419 2930)


    Several clergy molestation victims including a Long Beach woman who is the long time western regional director of a nationwide support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, SNAPnetwork.org)


    Over a five day period in February, 16 civil child sex abuse lawsuits against Watchtower (the Jehavoah’s Witness headquarters in New York City) were quietly settled in three states (CA, TX and OR). The victims involved were essentially coerced into signing ‘gag orders’ that prevent them from discussing the cases.

    Attorneys for the victims are Greg Love and Kimberly Norris of Ft. Worth Texas (817 560 5600).

    Six years ago media was first alerted that Jehovah’s Witnesses have a policy that endangers children. Since that first report in which William H. Bowen reported a fellow elder in Kentucky that was a confessed child molester and who remains a Jehovah’s Witness in good standing to this day, over 6,000 abuse survivors have come forward to say they too were molested and silenced by Jehovah’s Witness policy on child abuse.

    Dateline, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, CBC, New York Times and over 30 countries have aired documentaries that identified child rapists who enjoy sanctuary in Jehovah’s Witness congregations. In 2007, fugitive Rick McLean (a San Diego native and long time resident) was featured on America’s Most Wanted and suspected of molesting over 30 children while protected as a Jehovah’s Witness.

    In the last five years, more than 40 lawsuits against Watchtower (the Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters/administrative arm in NYC) have been filed by members to seek justice for the way they were treated by church policy when they were molested as children. Attorney Jeff Anderson successful in over 600 lawsuits over abuse states, “When victims are forced to sign gag orders it is a continuation of the coerced code of silence from church hierarchy. Jehovah’s Witnesses silenced molested kids before the elders and now they are doing it in the courts.

    After a five year court battle Watchtower is finally admitting they have hurt children. Material will be provided to assist Nashville Jehovah’s Witness sexual abuse survivors at the press conference.


    Rick McLean info, http://www.silentlambs.org/rickmcleanamw...


    Contact: William H. Bowen of Paducah KY, founder of SilentLambs.org 270-527-5350 cell, 270-703-2257

    Mary Grant of Long Beach CA, SNAP western regional director 626-419-2930 cell

    David Clohessy of St. Louis, SNAP national director 314-566-9790 cell

    Statement by Bill Bowen of Paducah Kentucky, founder of SilentLambs.org, a support group for those molested by Jehovah’s Witnesses. . .270-703-2257

    Sex abuse survivors through litigation have forced Jehovah’s Witnesses to admit their policy on child abuse is not working. Watchtower policy has silenced thousands of victims and continues to strangle their ability to cry for justice and healing.

    One month ago, we were informed about settlements in some of the more than forty recent civil sex abuse lawsuits against the Jehovah's Witnesses. We learned that 16 victims were paid the largest settlement in history of Jehovah’s Witnesses but forced to sign a gag order that forbids them from speaking about their abuse. We find this bittersweet. On one hand, we're glad a few victims are finally getting some financial help. On the other hand, we're sad and worried because they've essentially been forced to give up their right to protect others by speaking out about their abuse to the public.

    In 2002, US Catholic bishops publicly promised that the church would never ask for gag orders when compensating abuse survivors. Five years later, Jehovah’s Witnesses do just the reverse.

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    Satan was attempting to stop Jesus from helping people (i.e., preventing him from buying back their eternal salvation). The Watchtower Society attempts to stop cases from going to court, but why? Is it to save money on costly litigation? Is it to make the alleged victims stop talking about the alleged crime(s)?

    Let's consider the alternative. Wouldn't it be a wiser move to go to court and let all the facts come out? That way, the Society would remain blameless, and the reputation of Jehovah's Witnesses everywhere would benefit. Does your reputation have a price tag? ...especially when it's not just YOUR reputation, but that of Jehovah?!!

    The answer is obvious.

    I would just like to clear one thing up that Hannah mentioned, namely the so-called "gag order."

    "Lawyers frequently draft settlements that impede other parties’ access to relevant evidence through clauses that prohibit the plaintiff from disclosing information to anyone with a claim against the defendant or forbid all discussion of the facts underlying the dispute."


    In other words, a lawyer (for the defendant) can "slap on" a stipulation that payments will be made (to the plaintiff) only if the terms of a settlement are honored. Naturally, the Court has the authority to enforce the agreement, but the terms of the settlement originate with the defending attorney. So, this means that victims who want to keep on getting paid must conceal information. It's that simple!

    There is too much secrecy in the JW Mother organization. Finances are kept a secret, the elder's manual is kept a secret, ... the same goes for many judicial actions and organizational policies, and the serious sins of elders that have been secretly dismissed. Finally, there are the the records on pedophiles that the Society refuses to release to parents. Too much is in the dark, and that's when stumbling occurs. I don't see how Jehovah could possibly approve of these things!

    Regarding a defender's desire to "shut up" the accuser(s), it has little to do with erasing the allegations. The main purpose is to hide the incendiary details surrounding the crime, and to protect co-conspirators from entering the spotlight. If payments were made to accusers ONLY for the purpose of preventing litigation, they would be free to tell us all about what happened. More often that not, we hear the words, "I can't comment," and THAT is how we know they have been gagged ... and also with the help of the paper trail that follows all court cases.

    We have to keep in mind that most large groups contain a small percentage of abusers and molesters. The Watchtower Society is not being blamed for the existence of such individuals. It is being blamed for protecting them, thereby setting the stage for more criminal activity. It's a great idea to wait on Jehovah, but this can't be used as an excuse to delay action and ignore problems that our within our power to solve.

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    Thank you for your question. A very interesting one; I find your choice of words particularly curious. You assert that The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society “silences” its “victims” by offering “large sums of money.” That’s a bit backwards, though, don’t you think? I mean, in your scenario, haven’t they already opened their mouths with allegations and charges? It’s a bit late for silencing, I suspect.

    Your second incendiary word is “victims.” Alleged victims should be the choice of word. Because at this point in the litigation, nothing has been proven one way or another.

    Your third incendiary phrase is “large sums of money.” Have you never heard of settling cases out of court? Doing so neither admits nor denies guilt. It merely offers – or sometimes accepts – a monetary figure in lieu of continuing with litigation. It happens in civil cases all the time. The defendant agrees with - and sometimes the plaintiff asks for - an offer of settlement because oftentimes it is much less expensive than spending time in protracted litigation. As you doubtless know, litigation can drag on for years. Let us say then that an offer of settlement was made in a particular case. Who made the offer? The plaintiff/victim? Or the defendant/society? Do you know? I mean, personally? I ask because more often than not, settlement agreements which have a price tag attached are confidential. And by the way, the defendant does not get to slap a gag order on anybody. That is the judge's authority. So since this is done in as confidential a manner as is usually the case, how is it you are privy to this knowledge? Now someone may ask, “Why would a victim ask for money in such a situation? Because, oftentimes, a civil suit is initiated so that the ‘alleged’ victim can tap into the pocket of the ‘well-heeled’ defendant. It happens quite often in connection with sports figures. Certain others are a favorite target . . . insurance companies, religious entities, large food chain stores. Have you ever seen an alleged victim sue the actual person who committed the egregious act? No. The alleged victim sues somebody with money. Moving on . . .

    Let me be clear here: my response is in no way an attempt to diminish, deny or dismiss the very real cases of such egregious conduct. It is reprehensible. However, you should have the insight to know that not every allegation is a fact. Not every assertion is the truth.

    As for your attempted juxtaposition of the Society’s so-called methods with Satan’s offer of power, you should know that Satan was not attempting to keep the ransom sacrifice from being provided. His aim was simply to get Jesus to sin – thus become imperfect, thus disqualify himself to carry out any work in connection with God’s will.

    I appreciate whatever ‘concern’ you may have. That is a good thing; a reflection of God’s personality. Concern for your fellow man. Perhaps it could also be directed at getting a firm grip on the truth rather than posing questions clearly designed to agitate emotions. This is what is of concern to me.

    EDIT: Again, it is YOUR assumption that settlement offers are “to make them shut up.” Settlement offers come from BOTH sides of an issue – do you get the sense of that? Whether before litigation ensues or whether during litigation, settlement offers come from the defendant OR the plaintiff. Sometimes it is the plaintiff – the person who sued - who actually tells the defendant that he will settle for a specific dollar amount. You are presuming that the offer of settlement is coming from the defendant (in this case the Society). You say the offers are to make them shut up so that “we can't know for sure.” Again, you are presuming the motivation for any settlement offer. Yet you are in NO position to know. You are presuming while you are without facts sufficient to form a belief as to the truthfulness of the allegations. Yes, obviously there are some victims. I did not deny that. But that is not the point of your question, is it? Your point is that there is something nefarious about a settlement offer. Again, you are presuming that the ONLY motivation for settlement is that the allegations are true. That is not the case. And you are presuming that ONLY the defendant is making settlement offers. That is not the case either. You have prejudged the situation in its entirety. And you do not have sufficient information to do so.

    Hannah J Paul

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    Take a handful of partially twisted untruth mixed with lies and an added helping of hypocrisy and a smidgen of demonic odor. What is that the recipe for? Oh yes. An attack on the cleanness of truth seekers.

    Maybe if you and your ilk keep it up long enough you will actually get to believe it. When that happens you have taken the final leap into darkness. And that darkness is oh so black.

    Malachi 3:18 tells all how to identify those who serve God. Don't you realize that verse also helps interested ones identify those who seek to serve the first liar? Jesus did say something about a mill stone and the deep sea, did he not?

    Source(s): Common Sense
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    Basing the integrity of a world wide organization (The WatchTower) off the poor decisions and actions of one person doesnt seem rational.There are millions of honest people within the the organization proving to God and the world each day that they stand up against immorality.

    Courts will decide who owes money to who, If thats what you mean by "large sums of money".

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    you are evidently crazy. No such behavior is tolerated. these are baseless rumors that are spread by hatred and racism. the bible teaches that the love of money is injurious so we are admonished to live simple lives and view money in ita proper place to not become materialistic. if you supposedly serve god would he want you to be attacking and defaming his name and all who follow him??? the attitude you are showing is an apostate attitude and jesus Christ and God warns us against such ones. people attack witnesses because we adhere to bible principles and when we explain to people what the holy scriptures really mean they get offended because what the bible teaches goes against everything they have believed their entire lives. witnesses are not confrontational people are confrontational with us because they feel we are out to prove people wrong and "convert" them so they get defensive.

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    If what you say were true [which it isn't] that "The Watchtower Society silences victims by offering them large sums of money," . . . . . . how do you know about it?

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    Satan = fictional character only children would believe in

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    Physician heal thyself......

    (Mysterious) The scripture says The LOVE of money....and yes, we do believe scripture.

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    You are totally confused.

    You are talking about the Catholic religion.

    Get it right.

  • 7 years ago

    Oh I see!

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