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Questions on Canada having nuclear weapons?

What is a consequence of Canada having nuclear weapons in Modern Day (Today)?

What are some changes that have evolved from world war 2 to present date for nuclear weapons?

(Like materials, effectiveness, etc

Please help me out guys! I've been researching but Im looking for a very simple brief answer :)

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  • Gypsy
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    7 years ago
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    I agree with the other poster.

    Your teacher is an idiot. I do feel sorry for you.

    No consequence of having nuclear weapons. Canada is a peaceful country and can barely support a military. It has no enemies and depends on the US to protect us if there is any major strike from a foreign power.

    Theoretically, if Canada did have nuclear weapons it would agitate whom? The US? I suppose it would be considered a hostile act from either side. Either we need protection like Israel, or we are planning an attack like Iran. Neither is true.

    A nuclear strike is still a nuclear strike, still devastating. That hasn't changed.

    I repeat. Your teacher is an idiot.

    Sorry I couldn't help. There is no helping stupid and this is the stupidest assignment I have heard of in a long time.

  • jariya
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    7 years ago

    Well Canada does not have nuclear weapons

    During WW 2 Canadian scientists were involved in the Manhattan project of building the bomb

    The bomb that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki were delivered by B 25s a standard bomber plane of USA at that time The planes crew did take care to arm the bomb just before it reached its target

    Today things are different ICBMs can carry Nuclear bombs, Submarine based missiles can carry nuclear bombs (Polaris Missiles), A stealth bombers and even drones can be programmed to carry nuclear bombs maybe several times the punch of Hiroshima bomb

    US Military scientists are working very hard to make the nuclear bomb smaller,smarter, lighter, easy of delivery and to destroy the maximum area from the bomb(That is their Chosen job!) on a perceived enemy target.The scientists Make the bomb, The politicians decide on the delivery of the bomb and the military will deliver it. This has never changed and will never change from WW 2 to now

    Consequences of Canada having nuclear weapon is some Canadians will live in fear if the bombs are stored closer to their residential area that they might be an accident that can cause them to explode (There is always a first time), Canada (depending on which Govt) will try to get veto power in UN and permanent member of security council, Canada may abandon its peacekeeping policy and able to intimidate and threaten non nuclear weapon nations when the have a internal conflict .(Like in Libya)

    and people around the world will consider Canada and USA have NO differences.

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    We don't have them, nor is there any desire in Canada to have them. Either this question is worded very badly or the teacher that assigned it is completely clueless about Canadian politics. Kind of left you in a bad situation.

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    7 years ago

    They are smart and don't have any.

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