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What are the best current plausable single state solutions and theory's for Israel?

Even if it's a single state plan or theory without Gaza. Any links to organizations or published individuals would be appreciated.



Thank you for the wonderful link. I mailed it to myself lest it be deleted.

@ everyone

more links would be appreciated in spite of any hard feelings or controversies.

Update 2:

@ Shay p

With all due respect anyone would have to admit that close overlaying Israeli supervision in the disputed territories and west bank ,,, and the fluctuation of the security lines , makes it a virtual single nation with dictated reservations. Combine this with the intent expressed to homogenize the Bedouin into a non-traditional social order,,, the varying degrees of turning a blind eye to some settlements and declaring other settlements illegal due to zoning and building code infractions and security reasons and the live fire zones in goat and sheep pastures.

Wouldn't it be better to have one civil nation with equal rights,,,?


Update 3:

@T-guy & S B (putting 2 together seems strange)

Gaza is toast and appears to favor the argument that total separation of the states is doomed to failure.

Gaza is a festering sore that will either become more inflamed or if it remains isolated will rot.

Doing the same separation to the west bank is foolish and should be out of the question..

The governments of Israel and the Palestinian Authority are incompatible BUT the Israelis and Palestinians are not incompatible

The solution whether labeled simplistic or naive is to have one state called Israel with equal rights for all the citizens regardless of religion or ethnicity.

This is nothing new and in essence exactly how Israel is governed today ,

The separations like the security fence and the P.A. ( which has been critically flawed from the beginning) would just cease to exist. "Palestinians" would become Israeli citizens and if they like ???they could form the "Palestinian" political party,,,

Update 4:


So,,,, who was it that had the brilliant idea to expel all the Jews from Gaza ????

That made travel in and out of Gaza almost impossible,,,

Then even the Egyptians closed their border,

Hamas killed Gaza

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    Israel has to get rid of the "Jewish State" concept.

    In fact the name "Israel" also have to go.

    So - "the best current plausible single state solution" is the same solution that is best for Palestine and the for the Palestinians.

    Why? Mainly because of the internet. The internet is the game-changer for Israel. Just as an example I used to be a supporter of Israel but after meeting Israelis who criticised Israel and after watching so many Jewish and non-Jewish experts talk about the true history of Israel and reading about the horrible policies of Israel I changed my mind about Israel.

    Millions and millions of people who used to support Israel are converting just like I did because they can read the real facts on the internet.

    This means that Israel has to forget about the old goals of Zionism because the world will not allow a race-based country anymore.

    There has to be a single state with a new name, not "Jewish" that invites all Palestinians back. If this causes Zionists to move away that is just a sacrifice that has to be made.

    if you want links, here are several on the topic of the massive and potentially crippling boycott plans for Israel. It is hard to face the fact that Israel has no future but it is just reality.

    Boycott Israeli settlements face 'harsh' Europe boycott:


    Now it's official: EU 'boycotting' settlements - Israel News, Ynetnews


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    It'd be so simple in an ideal world, but we do not live in an ideal world.

    How do you expect to have a Palestinian majority state, which will also be democratic, if the Palestinians themselves could not establish a democracy in the last 40 years?

    How do you expect a Palestinian majority state to respect all religions, if the Palestinians themselves choose to be ruled by Shariah (Hamas) and chase away all the Christians and Samaritans among them?

    How do you expect 6 million Jews to agree to be in minority to Palestinian Arabs, if in the last time that happened, those Arabs massacred them!? (Look up Safed and Hebron pogroms of 1834).

    A one state solution isn't sane, despite how ideal it sounds.

    @: How exactly do you know they are compatible? I just presented you three logical argument against it. What have the Palestinians did to ever prove that a country in which they are a majority will be democratic, free, and fair for all?

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    Finding a one-state proposal argued for something other than there being no other viable option is extremely difficult. The only one that pops into mind is that of Tsvi Misinai, a retired Israeli high-tech pioneer and amateur historian. He argues that based on recent DNA testing and on the writings of the Zionist founders (before the conflict, when Palestinian Arabs telling of a Jewish origin wasn't taboo), that Jews and Palestinians are the same people split along religious lines over the centuries. He says this should be the basis for them coming together as one people under a secular government that respects all religions.

    Israeli television ran a 13 minute documentary about him back in 2008/2009:


    Youtube thumbnail

  • Shay p
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    There are none.

    Well, there is no one-state solution. There’s no such thing as a one-state solution. You cannot have peace on any one side with the concept of a one-state solution. It just won’t happen. You can’t subsume other people into one state against their will. And it simply is not a reality. And anybody who’s talking about it doesn’t know really what – it’s just not possible. So you’ll have a perpetual state of conflict if somebody tries to achieve that.

    @@@@ With all due respect as one who lives this none peace reality daily a one state solution will never work, neither will a two state... due to the fact that there is no land connection between Gaza and the west bank, A three state solution just might !!!!!

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    None. It would defeat the purpose of Israel.

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    What is happening to Ghazzah destroyed any chance for peace.

    You are wrong, they did not "separate" Ghazzah, they turned it into a POW camp and they will do the same to all Palestinians from all the Palestinian lands.

    Sharon Pulled the illegal colonizers out to punish the democratic Palestinians in Ghazzah by turning the city into a POW camp, and when the Zionists say jump, all the legal slaves say how high.

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