How to write a nice song?

Please help me.

My sister and I have a little 'band'. I am a punk drummer and she can sing almost anything... So I would say we would probably want to play pop punk music.

Now, my sister is not here often... and I really want to start writing songs... I have absolutely no trouble writing drum lines, it's easy but I am not so good with writing songs... The conentration and letting it flow is hard.

what things can I do?

Will rhyming help me?

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  • 7 years ago
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    How to Build a Song/Write a Lyrics Poem From Scratch

    1. What to write about

    Think of something or someone that inspires you

    Something or someone that bothers you

    Something or someone that changed your life

    A person you admire

    A childhood or travel memory

    A small incident in a moment that reversed itself in your life

    Any subject it seems no one talks about

    2. How to write it

    Pick a melody in your head or a catch phrase that you like and just

    flesh it out.

    You can change any song idea after getting stuck for some other new

    angle or different idea. Don't stay stuck long.

    Use your journal. Catch ideas that don't yet fit for later.

    Use a rhyming dictionary, thesarus (directory of concepts!) or

    some creativity exercise.

    Oh yeah....keep doing it. Someone once said "there's no such thing

    as a genius, just someone who practiced 100,000 times".

    3. Format for familiarity

    People often write lyrics as poetry, but fight the usual rhyming and formatting most

    popular songs use. It's your choice, but it also depends heavily on whether your target

    audience is going to "get" your work if you get away from a standard AABA format with

    a solid chorus and hook, or whether the object is to try new creative or innovative ideas.

    In the end, you decide how and what to tell the world. Personally, I believe in choruses,

    familiar rock/country/blues formats and whatever gets your audience to sing along.

    Usually, less is more and repeating a key line once or twice makes a point stand out.

    4. Standing on the shoulders of giants

    Someone somewhere blew you away with a song or two. What was it about

    that song that you liked? Would you like to try and make a song that

    blows people away like that too?

    Emulate your idols without copying, or be inspired by a song you just

    heard on the radio.

    Believe in what you're doing. The only thing the greats (Dylan, Lennon,

    etc.) had in common was the belief that they could change the world by

    doing what they did. They were right.

    5. Exhibit A - original work, a little punked out just for you....courtesy of me and another Y!A user.

    You Can’t Fool Anyone

    Everyone out there has lied to themselves,

    Everyone out there has lied to someone else;

    Everyone has done things they said they’d never do;

    Everyone has tried to save face,

    And put a little tiny white lie in place,

    And caught red-handed, they still can’t admit it’s true!

    Everyone has done things for insecure attention;

    Everyone has done things they never want to mention;

    Everyone has done things just to see if they still can,

    Everyone has done things acting half their age;

    Everyone has done things as if they’re on stage,

    Just to prove they’re still a woman, or still a man.


    Whoa, you’re not fooling anyone

    Got to stay true to yourself, you’ll see

    The careful disguise will come undone

    You can’t fool anyone else but me


    Never try to be something that you’re not

    When it all comes down, the real you is all we got

    It’s all we got....yeah

    Everyone thinks different, hours after dark.

    Everyone thinks they’re perfect drivers in park.

    Everyone thinks different when the pressure’s on inside.

    Everyone imagines their rock is their own boulder.

    Everyone imagines their love will never grow colder.

    Their alter ego has that id they cannot hide.

    Everyone pretends that someday, they’ll be a star.

    Everyone intends they’re farther along than they are.

    Everyone eventually will die, and that’s a fact.

    Everyone is living and learning how to cope;

    Everyone is living like they’re on a daytime soap.

    Just cut the drama! Your Mama taught you how to act


    You can’t fool anyone else....You can’t fool anyone else....You can’t fool anyone....

    Laughing Dolphin/Ramosounds Music

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    7 years ago

    write a story or theme.

    Find a topic and flesh it out and have fun with it.

    and experiment and don't worry about bad ideas.

    When i used to play and write more i would think, write 5 and 1 should be worth repeating.

    Sometimes you get an idea and the next day change a lot, just go with it. Be spontaneous

    i'll try one;

    How to write a nice song

    i hope it's not too long

    i have something to day

    and i won't take all day

    that just spilled out without hardly even thinking about it.

    Stop thinking that it's hard. Don't worry about writing a master piece.

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    6 years ago

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