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Does the army national guard allow people in who used to self harm?

My boyfriend has been waiting over 6 months now because when he went in for his physical they noticed his many scars. Now he's FINALLY been told that if he goes to a doctor and gets okayed (he hasn't cut in over 3 years) they might let him in. Or he might have to see a psychiatrist for a more in depth look. He has never been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, but was diagnosed briefly with ADD. He doesn't have it anymore, and they said that wasn't an issue. My friend and him have the same recruiter, but she didn't have any issues to be resolved before she got in and she's already in and going to the weekend training each month. She talked to their recruiter and he didn't realize that she was talking about my boyfriend because she didn't mention his name, and she asked him if they let people like that in. He said no. Do they normally take this long to say no or are they going to let him in?

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    he's not getting in. no waivers. I am starting to wonder though why MEPS doctors LIE to people and say "if you got to a civilian doctor and get them ok's" or "come back after 6 months". TOTAL BULL. first - the word of civilian doctors does not mean a THING to the MEPS. no value whatsoever UNLESS the MEPS contracted them or referred someone TO them. and the 6 month thing? I have heard they say that to 'be nice' in hopes someone will just go away and forget about the military and find a job. If they do that, they just need to be a man and say "not a chance in ____ kid".

    as for your BF...dump him. he is going to take you down a path of no return, and it is not going to be a path of love, peace, bliss, etc. you can do better. someone who cuts them self has a LOT of issues, tend to be very clingy or manipulative and really do have a few screws loose.

    maybe YOU should look at military service. and if you need a real man, maybe wine, wine you dirty skunk is available?

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    "Self Harming" is a sign of a "Mental Health Disorder"

    which makes him a Permanent DQ from enlisting into any Service...EVER !!!!

    The next time he fines out that he can't have his own way,

    he is just liable to do it again...a very immature way of getting attention...

    Strongly suggest you find someone far more Stable...

    cause this one is going to drag you down with him...

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    confusing factor research at bing and yahoo that may help

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    no my cousin tried to join and he had the same issue but since its on his record they told him none of the branches will accept him

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    7 years ago

    Nope. Nor does any branch.

    Source(s): AR 40-501, Chapter 2
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    7 years ago

    no branch or component allows it. no waiver will ever be granted.

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    What a creep.....sh*t.

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