I dreamt I dropped my cell phone into a river and retrieved it?

***PLEASE DO NOT COPY PASTE INFORMATION FROM DREAMMOODS OR SIMILAR SITES*** I have already been there and cannot decipher this on my own.

I think I was biking along a path alongside a river (a familiar routine for me) with my cell phone either in my hand or sitting on top of my bag, when it kind of jumped/fell into the river (as if I hit a bump). I got frustrated and resigned at the same time, but I thought maybe it would be in the mud of the river bank, so I climbed down.

I sank into the mud up to about mid-calf and blindly started searching the shallow, muddy water. I found it pretty quickly before climbing out. Both I and the phone were miraculously clean, though wet.

(From here on, I think I was starting to wake up, or at least become lucid, since cohesive thoughts found their way in. I'll mark what I believe to be lucidity with asterisks like this: *_____*)

I dried it off and thought, *"I have to find some rice," because I've heard rice can absorb water from phones and make them work again. * I went to take out the battery and SIM card, but *remembered I had an iPhone so I couldn't * and accidentally turned it on instead. It still worked!

I woke up shortly after that.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You're going to lose access to society at some point and time of your life. The phone symbolizes society and the losing of the phone indicates that you lose control of society but then when deal with it correctly it would work for you.

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