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The Zodiac killer has been the most clever serial killer ever?

I really love this man. So many clues, so many leads....

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    The most clever serial killers are the police officers who try and stave off or stop zoonotic outbreaks like the hiv or hpv virus by whacking hookers---jack the ripper killed syphilis infected prostitutes and the zodiac killer killed hiv infected prostitutes-so many cops were getting put away with whacking hookers in the state of california--they made de-compression chambers now for the infected prostitutes who don't stop using etc or selling their bodies-the chambers still had little or no effect on the std/drug epidemic in california.

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    No. The most clever are all the ones who the Police have never been able to associate their Murders as acts of the same killer. Don't kid yourself, there are many, many out there.

    Source(s): Police officer for over 40 years, including 12 years as a Homicide detective
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