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Victorias secret Job interview clothing?

its tomorrow ! what should i wear?

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    this is the website

    look for styles like that, super cute but more dressy. Wear things that they wear, but do not wear jeans. Wear some nice black or grey dress pants and heels and super nice dressy shirt

    look at these websites for ideas

    (i wouldnt wear the blazer though, it might be too much, id wear a cute long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve shirt, thats a bit sexy and stylish at the same time.

    this is cute too, the pants and gives your but a boost!

    \I want you to go on this site and scroll down,

    and find something cute you can play up outfits with makeup and accesories, victorias secret is sexy/classy all at the same time

    this is the outfit i think you should wear, and what I would wear to be honest

    there is 3 colors, that is the best thing with some earrings heels and sexy makeup!

    goodluck at the interview i really hope you get it, remember no jeans, and nothing slutty you want to be taken seriously!


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    This must be your first ever interview??

    **Hey KENNY- Nobody is going to do that.

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