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who knows about a police officer who killed a man named Corey Peeace?

Well I live in Calgary and he was my uncle and please leave a respectful answer we are still grieving about his death. 😢

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    Corey was killed one year ago today by a police officer with a grudge; his advocates say it was murder.

    A.S.I.R.T. Director Cliff Purvis verified that the Calgary policeman who first handcuffed and tasered (& later shot and killed) Corey Peeace is four-division officer Stephen Cook. This officer may have motive – wanting to end a lawsuit against him for tasering Peeace while handcuffed and the Calgary Police Service for Human Rights abuses.

    Investigation RE: June 10, 2011 Police Killing of Corey Peeace | Produced on June 4, 2012 by J. Bowman, Founder of the ACP

    You might think the above links are the same stories but there not. Part way in the second link the story is more detailed.

    Then there's the facebook page but as his niece you should already know about it.

    What I see is that he was shot in 2011 and I ain't one to hem and haw, so asking for respect cause you're still grieving isn't meaning much to me. What happened is a tragedy and it's rotten that law dogs in countries across the world are becoming more like murdering exempt law dogs out of the United States.

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  • 7 years ago

    That case is still under investigation. The officers name has not been released!/content/1.1092078

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