Freewill doesn't exist? *Must Read*?

I believe in God 100% but i believe the Bible is not what it was when it was originally made, I think it has been edited and changed over time.

So Christians believe that God has planned our every move and knows the future. So say i grow up to be a murderer and/or rapist and i burn in hell forever, Why would God plan for us to grow up and be an Evil person just to send us to hell for all eternity when we had absolutely no choice because that was God's plan since the day you were born. In our minds we may think we have free will but that doesnt matter because our life has already been planned by God, So where is the free willl? I believe God doesnt know the future of mankind or has planned for us , Otherwise there would be no point for us to of been made. You can say well he made us so we can live, feel, do actions, Live with him in heaven and so forth and yes that is very true but why would he put someone in all eternity torture of hell when he sent us there and we had no choice because like i said "it was his plan since our birth" thats another reason why i dont believe in hell but i already got into my belief on hell and no one could give me a decent answer so hopefully i can get some good thoughts on what i am saying here..

1 last thing,Why would God have planned for starving poor africans to have been born to go threw hell on earth and have grown up to only have known the muslim religion or even forced by there peers to believe in the muslim religion, Just for them to go straight to hell. (Like they haven't experienced enough hell on earth and now God has planned for those people to go to hell for all eternity) Does this sound like a loving, fair God? I think it sounds more like Satan if you ask me. Christians imo are the most closed minded, non rational, brainwashed religious humans on this earth. What do you think?

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    This is another one of those questions that I can't answer, maybe nobody really can, but i can explain to you what was explained to me. I'm not sure I even understand it. Less sure i believe it.

    God created the physical universe but he continues to live outside of it. Time and space are properties of the physical universe. They affect us but not God. To God all times are the same time. He can see your whole life at one glance, or for that matter, the whole development of mankind.

    SO, if you make a choice, God knows that choice before you've made it. Not 'before' because for God there is no 'before'. He can see your choice in the future. It doesn't mean you don't have a choice, it doesn't mean he's made that choice for you, just that he can skip ahead in the book and see stuff that's still in the future to you and me.

    Now some Calvinist may ring in to correct me and that's fine, because as I say I'm not sure I understand the concept completely. But Calvin figured that since God could see everyone's whole life from the time the universe began, he chose certain people at the very beginning who were going to be better than average, and he shows his love for them by making them rich and successful. These are The Elect, they are special, and they deserve our respect and admiration even if how they made their money was less than savory. Calvinists believed that the rich and powerful were chosen for that role by God, that wealth and success was a sign of favor and worthiness.

    The Pilgrims that came to Massachusetts in 1620 were Calvinists. To join the Puritan church you had to demonstrate some way in which God had favored you, to demonstrate that you were -special-! This is why they came to a new continent with no knowledge of farming or hunting. They thought God would just take care of them! More than half of them died that first Winter!

    The idea that OUR religion will all go to Heaven and all other religions will go to Hell is one of those things people teach young children. To anyone who didn't learn it as a little kid, it makes no sense! I was raised Jewish in a Christian community and when I was a kid I used to hear that all the time from my friends, but I've read many wonderful Christian writers and I've never heard one of them say that!

    Personally I think that's a bad thing to teach a child. It leads the kid to believe he's better than others. He grows up with the very unfortunate idea that his beliefs entitle him to special rights and privileges over the rest of us. This is where intolerance comes from, and those irrational hatreds that go on for centuries, like Serbians and Bosnians, Hutus and Tutsis.

    The differences between religions are all man-made doctrines and window-dressing. Take away that stuff and most religions are basically the same--virtue and righteousness and respect for others. Everyone approaches God in different ways but the objective is the same. The idea of an exclusive Heaven defeats the whole purpose of the common objective of religion!

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    Your presumptions are incorrect, and therefore that affects the conclusions you draw based on them.

    First of all, here's why you can trust that the Bible you can read today contains the same information as when originally written:

    The Bible- A Gift From God

    And here is what the Bible really teaches concerning freewill, why there is suffering in the world, and the future of those who died as Muslims or whatever other religion:

    The Wonderful Gift of Free Will

    Why Does God Allow Suffering?

    Where Are the Dead?

    Real Hope for Your Loved Ones Who Have Died

    Feel free to send an email if you want to discuss these subjects further.

  • I think that the whole thing makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. And anyone who seriously believes in all that bull is...well I don't want to offend anyone but gee whiz! How can anyone be so ignorant and blind as so ignore all this stuff. What you describe isn't the only problem with Judeo-Christian Mythology. That is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole rotten mess is just that. A rotten mess. Any idiot should be able to see it's about time we throw all that into the garbage heap it belongs in and start building our institutions and thinking on reality. God is not real and everything that has to do with that story is highly suspect. Highly suspect.

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    Christians do not believe that God has planned our every move. He does know what we will do in our life and offers us multiple chances to accept Jesus as our personal savior. But people are stubborn, prideful and lazy and so don`t see these chances or if they do, ignore them. We are free to murder, steal or lie about the truth. That does not make God the bad guy. He does not force you to murder, lie or steal but there are consequences to all sins. The government in Africa is responsible for the starving of Africa. They choose to take all the food, money etc and let the people starve. There are people of God there trying to help, but the government will not let them. Satan lets the government believe that it is ok for them to abuse their power and so not care about anyone except themselves.

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    God has not "planned" our every move and knows the future. God predestines no one to go to hell. We do have free will. God respects the freedom of his creatures, even if they abuse it. A person's religion has nothing to do with hell. Hell is the state of self-exclusion from communion with God. God will not force a person to be with him in heaven, if that person refuses to be with God. So God gives that person what he wants : eternal separation from him. Who has been telling you all this nonsense ?

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    you have free will in religion, dod ordered you to make things, do and dont do, and then you obey or dont obey, this is a free will

    there thing that you have not the choice or the free will like you are tall or rich or born in africa this is depends of god, and god distribute provision to his slaves by wisdom and justly

    read the last revelation of god wich is quran

    he speaks about that

    make sure god is just and doesnt opress, you obey your reward is paradise if you dont so the hellfire, this is your will , and also god knows futur he is the all knowing but this is this doesnt mean he influence your future

    forfurther informations about this contact me by email

    this is a link of quran

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    Christians generally don't believe God has planned our every move, so there's that problem with your theology.

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    7 years ago

    Well, you are at least STARTING to see how cockamamie your religion is. Stop trying to rationalize those doubts away and FACE THEM, and MAYBE, in a few years, you will be ready to throw off your delusion.

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    7 years ago

    You are the great asker of the question

    Blood appears in my mouth when clearing throat or when i cough.?

    that question was better written and more profound.

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    Both exist - free will as well as pre-destiny..

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