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Lazybug asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 7 years ago

Can somebody help me remember this movie? About an alien-sci-fi-romedy? Please!!?

Okay this alien, with large scary appendages comes to earth. Who ever it hunts, it takes the form of the person. It preys on a really hot girl and turns into that hot girl. Then the alien/hot girl sleeps with a guy and it becomes the guy. Now the lead actress of the film meets the guy/alien and falls in love with him. The alien seems to have developed some feelings for her and does not hurt her. They even sleep together. There is a bl@ck police officer who is after the alien. In the climax, the officer almost catches the alien but it kills the officer and takes his form. In the end, the alien gets on a space ship and goes back to its planet.

I don't remember the exact storyline, so the original story might be a little different. Also I vaguely remember that the movie title had the word "alien" in it...

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