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FT9! asked in SportsWrestling · 7 years ago

Has Anyone Noticed How Daniel Bryan Copied Shawn Michaels .. !?

When Shawn Michaels Did The Sweet Chin Music, He Tuned Up To The Band Before Hitting The Devastating Superkick To His Opponent,

Daniel Bryan Does The Yes Chants In The Corner Which Is Kind Of Like Tuning Up The Band But In Daniel Bryan's Own Little Way Before Hitting The Devastating Knee To The Face,

Although I'm Not Complaining, I Think's It's A Great Spectacle ..


*Tuned Up The Band*

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  • Rhys
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    7 years ago
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    He can pull it off though. I mean, the crowd are practically following DB blind.

    Maybe Shawn trained him to do that lol.

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  • So? Edge did the same before the spear and others.....

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