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What are the differences between the Italian word "la civetta" and " il gufo "?

Question 1) The same as title question

Question 2) What are the differences between Italian words " la lepre " and " il coniglio " ?

I am learning italian a second language and get confused with these 4 words! plz help

Thanks very much!

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    "Civetta" and "Gufo" both mean :"Owl"

    "Lepre" means "Hare" and "Coniglio" means "Rabbit".

    "IL" and "LA" are just the masculine and feminine versions of the article "The".

    Source(s): Italian translator.
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  • Chiara
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    6 years ago

    Lepre is a hare.

    Coniglio is a rabbit.

    Gufo is the long eared owl (asio otis), It is bigger than a civetta.

    Civetta is the little owl (athene noctua).

    you can tell them apart at night because they make different sounds.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    the owl

    "la civetta" from Italian

    the owl

    "il gufo" from Italian

    they may be diff words with same meaning.


    "Leprosy" from Catalan

    the rabbit

    "It coniglio" from Italian

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