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How does a change in one population affect another?

Im studying biology and am on the unit population.

Describe how a change in 1 population affect another?

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    The population size of a specialist predator species is going to vary, although lagged, with the population size of its prey species. The classic example is Canadian lynx and snowshoe hare.

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    when population are change it would affect in a community, because the population can be from a different specie and what the first population have in common the second does not have.

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    if population grows too big they migrate another place take up jobs and social order... then cause imbalance. if population comes too big not enough housing jobs food etc.. then rely and have ship in more supplies from other places. be like usa supporting starving countries then tell it's own starving people too bad we gave it all away none for you.

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    Cat eat mice and cheese. If you killed all the mice, cats will have to fight much harder for cheese. Then carrier capacity of cat lowers too, their population would stop or lower as well depends if they still have same supply of cheese

    If cats main supply is mice, then lots of them gonna die since you killed all their mice :(

    Source(s): I just finish population ecology! :D
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