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Wondering how child support and family maitness works?

The father of my unborn son is refusing to help pay for things the baby will need he was layer off in December 18 for two weeks due to trucks not going out then was asked to come back to work and he said I don't want to work any more so I'm wanting to know how it all work with family maitness what's going to happen will I be able to get any money from him to raise this baby even tho he is not working ? Please help I'm being induced on Wednesday morning to have the baby and am really stressed out about the money part I can afford to raise him on my own but the extras would help a lot any advise would be great

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  • 7 years ago
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    You can see a lawyer and have any future wages attached for child support. There is nothing else you cn do. Sounds like a real bute....hopefully you will find a nice responsible person someday. He doesnt want the baby...he doesn't want you...remember that. You don't want someone like him...he will be like this all his life and just be one big financial drain on you. Tell him to take a hike. (after you see a lawyer)

  • You will have to go to court to force him to pay support. Even if he volunteers, you still need a proper legal document setting out the amounts. This action will also normally set custody and visitation,although they are separate issues.

    The system in different jurisdictions is different. In some places,the amount is set based on income of both parents. In others, support is a set amount, without reference to income. In thOse places where income is an issue, income is usually set by the court if one parent refuses to work.

    You need a lawyer once you are through the birth.

  • 7 years ago

    I assume you are talking about maintenance, not maitness. You aren't going to get any. That is for people who were married, not just f***ing around. If you weren't married and divorced, you are not entitled to maintenance.

    You aren't going to get any extras either. Isn't it obvious to you? Why did you make a baby with this guy? Really stupid. If he hasn't got a job, there is no income to get anything from him. His job prospects are not good and he has told you he doesn't want to work anymore. You are on your own.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal
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