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The equator is not a country. is it?? Then are ecuador and the equator the same?? Thanks!?

just wanna know because i got confused when talking to a friend

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    The equator is an imaginary line around the Earth. Ecuador is a country that happens to be on the equator. The equator is the part of the Earth that gets the most exposure from the sun. It gets the strongest amount of sunlight because it is closer to the sun. Our planet is round and it rotates. Round objects have one particular area that is closest to you. Our planet rotates on it's axis which happens to be called the north and south poles. The reason that the north and south poles are cold and icy is because they are the farthest point on Earth from the sun.

    We use imaginary lines on the Earth to find our location. There is longitude and latitude lines. GPS units pick up signals from satellites in orbit around our planet and tell us where we are based on something known as 'triangulation'. It is something you will learn about in trigonometry. The equator is the warmest part of the globe and there are many countries that lie along the equator besides Ecuador. Australia and New Zealand for instance, lie along the equator. But the equator is just an imaginary line to describe where they are located based on the rotation of the Earth and position of the sun so you cannot interchange Ecuador with the equator since many countries are equatorial.

    Interestingly, people who evolve along the equator have darker skin. This is because the sun is stronger and they develop more melanin in their skin to protect from skin cancer. People who evolve further north or south of the equator evolve lighter skin with less melanin because the sun is weaker and all humans need some sunlight to absorb and make vitamins D and A in the body. Genetically speaking, all humans have the same DNA. We are the most similar species on the planet. People with darker skin also have the same average brain size as people with lighter skin and the same propensity towards education and success. The only reason darker skinned people in America have a more difficult time is because there is still lots of prejudice in America in regards to dark skinned people but things are beginning to change and people are beginning to learn the truth; that all people are the same. The only thing that is different is minor things like average height, hair color and texture as well as eye shape. But that does not effect your ability to learn or to be successful; only prejudice does that.

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    This sort of confusion happens to the best of us. Ecuador is a country in South America bordered by Columbia and Peru and is one of the world's leaders in alpaca exports. Equator - in contrast - is a much less known country that is famed for its warm climate, rich culture, delusion residents, and mapmaking industry. It is believed to be the permeant home to Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and (depending on your faith), God. It is a land of unicorns, honest stock-brokers, and skinny Americans. In short, a trip to Ecuador can be fun, but a trip to the great country of Equator will be life altering.

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