Why would a credit card company need access to your camera?

I am way more worried about a private company spying then government where there is oversight and power to vote people out, can't vote CEOs out.

When you download Bank of America app the user agreement allows them to turn on your cell phone camera without you knowing.

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  • 6 years ago
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    No it allows the APP access to the camera and files in it. Maybe you can customize a profile online and put pictures on it. There is also an option where you can take a picture of a check and send it to the bank and it is deposited into your account. It's not for someone else to use it, there is no way a bank can get inside your phone and turn on YOUR camera, neither can the government or the phone company your with for that matter. The only thing government and your phone company can see is usage that goes out. Eg texting, emails, phone calls, internet usage. If your not doing anything illegal you have nothing to worry about.

    Read the details in the agreement and find out what is available. I have seen advertising on TV for the picture of your check sent to the bank for deposit. It's a neat idea, but I can't remember what bank it was with.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    they aren't the only ones blame those that gave the access who did not get to know those they gave access too yes private company's do it too

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