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How much should an adult Husky be walked?

My partner and I are thinking of getting one. We're aware of some of the problems with Huskies, like chewing, howling, and digging. But how much do they need to be walked? Cousins of mine have a Husky (mixed with something else), and between them all, they rollerblade with him for about 2 hours in the summer, and in the winter they attach a sled to him and have him burn off steam by taking the kids for sled rides, which is really cute.

So we're aware that they need a lot of exercise, but how much, typically, when they're fully grown?


@Lara, whats BYB? We're probably going to buy from a breeder after asking around. But we're not getting one any time soon.

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    The typical adult Siberian Husky needs *upwards* of 2 hours of exercise, daily & I wouldn't say that would leave them ''exhausted''.

    My friends stepfather has been owning/breeding Siberian Huskies & Alaskan Malamutes for over 20 years, and I often bring my dog (a Doberman/Labrador cross) over to her house to interact with her 3 dogs (2 Sibes, 1 Mal). They all vary in age (2, 3, 8) however, they all still need the same amount of exercise, which is definitely a lot, way more than I could handle. They walk the dogs in the morning for 2 hours, then they have a dog-walker come at midday & take them on an hour walk in the forest, then they walk them for another 2 hours in the afternoon/evening. I once went on a 2 hour evening walk with them, needless to say, my dog was extremely relaxed & tired at the end, but her three dogs could still have walked for another hour... They're an active family, and I think you have to be to own one of these dogs, I certainly couldn't handle owning one.

    Now, that's my experience with their general exercise needs. Not to say that they wouldn't be ''okay'' on 2/3 hours exercise a day, but a little more is always better. Remember, they're bred to run for hours & hours on end in the freezing cold, pulling very heavy loads. They're bred to have endless energy - therefore, you need to make sure you're active and willing enough to put plenty of time into exercise.

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    Huskies are very high energy dogs they were bred for pulling sleds so they need a LOT of exercise on daily bases approximately 2 hours every day and not just walk they love to run so make sure you have a pair of skates or bike and before you get husky make sure you do your home cuz that might not be the suitable dog for your family

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    As an adult, they need anywhere from 2-3 hours of exercise everyday. So, 3 hours of walking (can be split up) or 2 hours of rollerblading would be fine. They really thrive on a active lifestyle.

    If you haven't had dogs in the past look into training methods (I suggest NILIF), dog food (Orijen), vet expenses, the breed specifics, and etc.

    If you want a mix breed, I suggest adopting. Do NOT buy from a pet store or BYB.

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    Huskies need at least 2 hours of exercise

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    A LOT! I would say AT LEAST an hour and a half each day of intense physical activity. If you don't have that time to devote to it every day, there are lots of other breeds who require less exercise. I have a shepherd/lab and he is fine with just one hour of exercise per day.

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    Like most dogs bred for working, they will need at least 2 hours of vigorous exercise every day.

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    23 of every 24 hours should do it.

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