Homemade urban ski bungee?

I am starting to get into urban jibs and such and I want to make a homemade bungee. I looked on amazon for some bungee cord and they had some that stretched120% I heard you need 500#percent at least. Does any body know if it will work, how long it will need to be and any other alternatives besides the 200$ banshees that went out of work. (I plan on braiding them and adding a water ski handle)

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  • Tom C
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    7 years ago
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    I caution you with home made bungees. The reason is the tension you plan on putting on them, and the need for constant "inspection."

    The reason I have always disliked bungee, opposed to just a braided nylon cord and a pickup (or any other means of pulling) is bungees can recoil and cause serious damage. If you use a pickup and a nylon cord and it snaps? You just lose your pull/thrust/power. If you use a bungee and it snaps? Depending on the pressure put on that cord, it could snap back and blind you (if it hits you in the face), or break bones.

    You can simulate the same pull as bungee by utilizing pulley systems with nylon cord. A pickup on the other side of a pulley? It could easily rip your arms out of your sockets if you could hold on, so it certainly doesn't lack "pulling" ability. Just less risky than bungee.

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