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My Premier League Fantasy football team any good...?



-Kelvin Davis (Bench)





-Delaney (Bench)

-Gabbidon (Bench)





-Yaya Toure

-Ward Prouse (Bench)


-Cole (Bench)



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    An average team (3 out of 5). you shouldnt have two players from the same team in the same position (coleman & baines / sturridge & suarez) because one, it might be just one player who will play well & another just a player to complete the squad sheet. second, the reason given by the other person.

    you can change sturridge to aguero or maybe adebayor(he scored almost every game under tim sherwood).

    and you can change baines or coleman to other defender from other pl team maybe konscielny, cahill(assist last sunday) or zabaleta. you need to choose defender who will give impact to the team like scoring or assisting oftenly. choose player with a low price but high points & chances to play.

    you can also choose mannone as a goalkeeper but keep speroni. or you might get szczesny(he has the most points).

    in midfield, you should have at least two player from top clubs(mu, mc , ars, liv & che)

    remember, choose player with a low price but high points. just my opinion.

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  • your a player short btw.....P

    but yes looks good to me, i.m a Liv supporter and I would say to not have 2 Liverpool forwards for 1 thing they might not always play together..i would have Aguero or somebody as second striker otherwise it looks as good as what anybody else could choose, without having a crystal ball

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