Jos A Banks Suit Quality?

I feel like I just made a huge mistake when purchasing my fiancé's suit for the wedding… the suit is a gift to him for valentine's day so he didn't get to consult on it.

I was looking on eBay and seen a regular $950 marked down to $100 and the seller had great reviews on every suit purchase (thousands of reviews) so I jumped to purchase it. With shipping and tax it came up to $170 which is $30 under budget for the suit. I couldn't find any locally for anywhere near that price, it costs $300 for just a jacket and he wears a 52 jacket so it is difficult to find his size.

I shared this with a wedding forum and they jumped on me saying that they have horrible quality suits and young people shouldn't even wear suits like that… so I did more research online. I realize that they mark up their suits more than they should so their discounts look impressive so I didn't get an amazing steal, but I think I did pretty good to get a full suit for $170. I also read that they apparently only are good for larger men (which he is) but that they need a lot of tailoring to look half decent…

Any feedback or experience with these suits would be great because I really feel stupid for jumping on it.


As above - it is from eBay and he doesn't even know its coming.

He did try other kinds of suits at our mall and that was how we figured out he needed a 52 jacket. Regardless, as long as it fits and looks half decent I don't see how you could argue with $170.

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    Any time you can get a men's suit for $170, it's a steal. As far as being cheap. I would never say that Jos. A Banks suits are cheap. Many years ago, they used to sell women's clothes, and I shopped there a lot. Very high quality clothes, that are classics and have stood the test of time. As far as the clothes not appropriate for "young men", I say nonsense. Men's suits should last a long time, and be a classic style/cut. Sure you could buy a more "modern" or "younger" look, but again, you want to go classic so that they stand the test of time, especially if he only has one suit. If he's got a closet full of them, then that's a whole 'nother thing.

    Do not let the haters on those sites get you down. A lot of people just post to hear themselves seem superior to others. I guess they'd like to see every man in a tux. Yuck. A well tailored suit that actually belongs to the groom is a far superior look than a rented tux

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    I've never heard that their suits are poor quality. Has he tried it on? If it looks good, then whatever anyone else has to say is unimportant. That is a great deal for a suit. So you may need some alterations, but that would likely happen with a suit from anywhere.

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