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Ideas for Animal Rescue Fundraisers?

I volunteer for a foster-run animal shelter, getting the word out and buying the necessities for when someone starts out with a cat or dog, or if the other fosters start running low, as well as earning whatever money I can. Since last summer I've been making homemade knotted bracelets and selling them, but it's a very slow process and doesn't earn quite enough money.

I would like to do some sort of larger-scale fundraiser, but I'm drawing a blank on what would make a good amount of money. Does anyone have ideas?

I'm graduated but have access to a working-hospitality course (they make and sell their own food and desserts) and they've offered to do a BBQ for the rescue once it's a bit warmer out.


Hi Jamie! Thank you for responding!

The hospitality teachers that run the course have done fundraiser BBQ's before, and have earned hundreds of dollars, a regular hot-dog for a $2 and an extra-large for $3. Not sure what burgers will be yet though!

The rescue does have t-shirts! :D they have our rescue's logo on them, and on the back "Don't Shop, Adopt!" They sold pretty well last year at a sort-of festival we went to last year. Maybe I can offer our leader some different graphics to choose from? I'm sure kids would be more interested if there were more animals on them, not just our logo!

Don't happen to know anyone who can crochet. XD

Large games like that are wonderful, but more something to do when we go back to the Pawlooza festival in summer. We had a doggy kissing booth last year! Dunking the rescue leader does sound tempting though!

Now face painting is something I'm good at! Wonderful idea! :D Not sure about clay, but I'll have to look

Update 2:


Haha, you're getting me into a crafting mood!

I've made dog treats before, but they turned out kinda ugly, so I just gave them to my own big lug of a hound. I need to perfect that recipe.

According to my friends, I'm a very good baker when it comes to cake-y things, never tried peanut brittle on my own, but my Mum used to make it for us so I could maybe ask her to show me her technique. Our rescue does have a lot of bakers in it's fundraising circle however.

I love your ideas so far, thank you so much for adding so many!

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    Food is always good. Don't forget the drinks too! lol Just make it affordable and not ridiculous like some do thinking they wont make back more than they spent...and end up not selling enough because of it. Selling it all will obviously make you a small profit.

    Bracelets, nice idea indeed!

    Why not make some T-Shirts with faces of puppies or kittens, ferrets, mice, hamsters, birds and other pets on them? Not just puppies and kittens, they're over-used, but are still good!

    Can you crochet or know anyone who can? Making hats, socks, mittens....they'll likely sell pretty well if sold at a fair price and done well enough to hold right and look good. Animals all around are good. Tigers, lions, wombats...wolverines, flamingos, all kinds of big cats, weasels, wolves, birds, snakes, lizards, giraffes, monkeys, apes, meerkats, unusual and less used animals would be good. It doesn't just have to be pets...more than just pets out there are idolized, loved and also in need of help, and are beautiful.

    Have a few games too. Tossing the sponge with whipped cream at someone in a booth with their face in the hole of a stand or some such is always fun...or a similar take on it where you have someone on the chair over water, hit that with a ball and down they go...provided it's warm enough where you do or have an indoor area for it and a place for the volunteers to get warmed up and dried off after. lol Well, provided it's warmer....

    Painting! Make a booth where people can paint a picture and auction them off at the end of the day. It's highly doubtful that you will get much for them, or anything awesome...Or you can find some people to do a bunch of paintings, like maybe a high school, or all the grades, and hang them up for people to look at and bid on if they want them, sell it to the highest bidder at the end of the day. You can give a small portion to the person who made the painting as well, sure it's a tad less to go to the animals, but it may get the painter to do even more at another time.

    Face painting! Know anyone who is good with make-up and can do cats, dogs, tigers and other fun stuff?

    Pet paw prints! Get some clay of different colors, and let people bring their pets and get their paws done. =)

    Also on the matter of clay and others can probably make a whole lot of colorful clay animal figures, you may even be able to get some volunteers from schools and such too. Some fun kids could also allow this AT the fundraiser if you want to, and have some you and others made beforehand to sell.

    Be sure to have some prizes for your games. It doesn't have to be anything HUGE, just fun. Maybe some homemade toys.

    Home-made toys are another thing, teddy bears, big cats, elephants, giraffes and such.

    Baking...can you bake anything well? Do what you're best at, sell it in tins or something that is nice, but not expensive. Cookies, muffins...donuts if you know how to make them.

    Can you make candy? Peanut Brittle is always popular and not hard to make if you find a nice recipe and follow it right, toffee too. It's very easy and quite fast, you can make it in large amounts depending on your oven size and cut it into proper sizes to sell.

    Yeah, still editing in ideas. I hope some become useful to you!

    *ADD* Well...if it works, it works. Why not do something like the dunkings? Just because it's USUALLY something at a bigger fundraiser, doesn't mean you can't do it here and have some extra fun.

    Ah, etchings...have you ever done those on mirrors? They're not too hard, but you do have to be careful you don't cut yourself doing them. Get some mirror pieces, find some photos online that you like, add tape to the mirrors, stick thin colored paper of a different, bright color on, tape the picture on and outline what you want it to look like with a pen which will sink through the paper....cut it out of the tape after you remove the paper, and add in glass acid on the cut out areas. Ah, if only I had the stuff for it, I'd love to do some and donate them. It's so much fun, but it does take a bit of time. Mine were very popular in school, I was always doing horses, Pegasus, winged unicorns and tigers. You could do any animal. They're not hard, and don't require TOO much artistness...just a bit of care and a good eye...if they come out well, you could probably sell them for a pretty penny. The problem is finding some mirror that is...being recycled maybe, or tossed out. Add tape around the edges so it's not sharp and people can buy and frame them themselves.

    This is the kind of thing I used to looks really hard, but all you have to do is trace out what you want after thinking how it'll look when you're done. You want the markings and outlines for's worth a shot, right? You can do it on glasses(like dinner glasses), mirrors...pieces of glass that have no mirror to them...a dog or cat, tiger or even a horse, would be muuuch easier than a leopard of course. lol

    If you or someone you know can do stained glass animals too...we also used to do those in school, stained glass is quite popular. I did a penguin, wish I still had that!

    The problem with those last two ideas is...they do take time unless you wanted to do glasses and just an out-line of a dog or cat or something, that wouldn't take more than a few minutes, and they'd be cute. lol

    Perhaps you can have people order the cups with photos of their pets on them, and you can likely make some coffee cups with pets on them already. like this:

    or even like this:

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    How about a Facebook/Online Pampered Chef Fundraiser? I can set it up in less than 5 minutes. The administrator of your page sends an invite to everyone who has liked your page so they already have a heart for your cause. They, in turn, invite their FB friends to the fundraiser only if they want to and share the event on their FB page. The point is how many people "know" you're having a fundraiser so they can participate if they choose. I would love to talk to you more about how I can help so just send me an email. You can find me on FB at

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    maybe bake sales or a carnival? thats great that you are doing that! you could also make custom dog accessories or open a shop on etsy & sell products on there & use towards that

    you could also download an app on iphone or andtoid that you earn real rewards from. its called feature points. you could use the paypal reward ($100).


    use this referral code for an extra 50 points:


    good luck with your animals! :)

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