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What if CM Punk ordered a pizza and the pizza guy was?

Billy Gunn. He was 2 minutes late and he also forgot Punk's Pepsi. Also, Road Dogg is in the car honking to hurry it up. Gunn have Road Dogg a "suck it", what would happen?

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    cm punk would get mad, say that it should've been on time because he's the "best in the world" at being a wwe wrestler, billy would be like "sorry about that, but here's your pizza.", cm punk would refuse to pay for it and instantly brawl with him and then give him a gts, billy gunn would get up from it and give cm punk the famouser, cm punk would get up from it and try to closeline him, but billy gunn would duck and give him a low blow, and road dogg would come out of the car and they'd double-team him right there at the front door, and then out of nowhere, stone cold, matt hardy, jeff hardy, john cena, randy orton, kofi kingston, aj lee, fandango, edge, chris jericho, kaitlyn, and daniel bryan would do an 12 on 2 assault on them, and then stone cold would go get his monster truck and crush the car that they came there with, with that monster truck with it being a 11 on 2 assault for those few minutes, and billy gunn and road dogg would be running off after the 12 of them gave them the chance to get up and get out of there, and then they'd help cm punk back to his feet.

  • Rukawa
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    7 years ago

    CM Punk won't eat pizza. It will make him fat.

  • Like shut the f u c k up?

  • Skitzo
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    7 years ago


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