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Why is Chris Christie bullying former Olympian Carl Lewis?

Doesn't this sound familiar, White men deriding Black Olympians?

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    He is bullying him because of political differences as Carl Lewis had spoken of running for Senate in New Jersey though he ended up not running. With political claims though you never know what is true and what is not.

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    I'd like to see Chris Christie Cremes play in the Olympics.

    He should do the 100m dash and 400m Hurdles.

    By the time he finishes everyone would be gone.

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    Because US richclass bullying is so profitable to US richclass legal industrial complex at the expense of public tax coffers:

    "The Christie administration spent $78,000 in attorneys' time getting the sprinter and long-jumper struck from the election"

    Hey, fascism is NOT a stupid system. The US richclass robbery within fascism has created the richest richclass in history.

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    Christie hired him as his butler but lewis stole him blind.

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    racism is always a correct answer for libs right?

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