Epson cancelling print jobs?

Hi there,

I have had an Epson workforce 3250 for over a year now and I am now having a major issue with it. When printing, the printer manages about a page of double sided paper and then cancels the job without being prompted to. The printer then comes up with a an error message in device and printers saying that a previous print job is holding up the queue, despite no print job actually been queued up.

I have tried troubleshooting, which fixes it until I print another page and then it does it again, I have downloaded a software update, which hasn't fixed the issue, I have turned it on and off, which hasn't fixed the issue.

What else could I do, apart from frustratingly throw it out the window?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Scroll down to print Spooler

    Right click and click stop

    Right click and start

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