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Beside for getting the phone number of sexy chicks and hiding your infidelities, what is Espionage for?

Spiritually speaking, Yay arent you glad that your tax money helped to save a matrimony for whole 5 years =)

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    LOL! I was a spy for 25 years, and never got sexy chicks, or hid an infidelities. There weren't any!

    I spied against foreign countries to see if they were trying to attack us, etc. Espionage is to find out what enemies, and potential enemies are up to. Simple as that. It has nothing to do with matrimony.

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    Am I the only guy who thinks the word "chicks" sounds stupid?

    You get women's phone numbers by asking for them, not by using espionage.

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    I got her number off the Aids Walk list.

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    I dunno.

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